Alice in the Windy Land of Bodhisatta


I take this opportunity to express my reflection on the recent visit to the beautiful Windy Land of Bodhisatta, Deban, where a baby branch of Universal Education School is being run by the Alice Project. This beautiful place is located in the Miao Sub-Division of Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh, the most north eastern part of India.

On the way to our destination, we were welcomed at Mr. Soegot Chakma’s house for the lunch. He is an ex-Chakma student of Alice who has recently completed class XII. His friend Mr. Milan Chakma was also seen with him to host us for the lunch. His parents were so generous to arrange the lunch for us; after all we all were hungry indeed.

After a long drive we reached this Windy Land in Twilight. “Wao~!” I would say. I, then began to beware of fresh air which happened to pass onto my face that made me feel as the nature was welcoming me into its lap. Then we moved further to the Universal Education School which was our final destination. We were heartily welcomed by Mr. Suchandra Chakma, the manager and other staff.

After a sound sleep, I indeed ended up getting ready late the next morning. Having refreshed myself I was curious to explore the sight scene of the school campus. Here I share some of the clicks of the premises.

Lately we were informed that the annual examination of the school had just been completed and the vacation was ongoing. But, we were fortunate enough to meet the kids in the morning as they had come to school on that day to meet us, we being the guests then. They were all in the clean bluish uniform sharing their innocent smiles with us that made us smile too.

I personally was so moved to meet these kids. Then I realized how much happiness can such kids can make you feel if you try to be one of them. Doing so, you feel deeply that the children are really special, reason being that they become a source of happiness into your life.

Students with the chief of the village and the teachers

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