Newsletter July 2014




“Dear friends,
this newsletter is the result of an autonomous attempt by people that work in the office to
prepare a summary of the news in recent months. I preferred not to interfere in the choice of the
information to be reported, and photos as well. I think it’s the only way to make people responsible and
self-reliant. The next newsletter will certainly result better, less redundant, emphatic, long-winded (in
some subjects). I always argue that an educational institution should encourage maximum creativity and
the responsibility of the guests, to avoid the dependency syndrome (who are familiar with our mothers
in Italy, struggling, often with adult children still not self-sufficient ). Recently, an Italian psychologist,
voluntary, marveled herself that boys and girls of the hostel were “too independent”, with no full-time
staff following them. I asked her to let me know what it was, in reality, the problem: “There’ s the risk of
wasted food when they cook” she said.
“It ‘s true. But they cook their own breakfast, lunch and dinner, and no one complains. How much cost
the two cooks who had up to a year ago?” And then: “The residents are in need of staff to assist them.”
“In their villages are accustomed to being alone in the house all day, with responsibility of younger
brothers and sisters while parents work in the mountains …’ Why should I, as I say, regress them?
Without counting the cost of personnel and the difficulty to find qualified people for this role. It’s better
to educate guests to be totally responsible … “. One last note about this useful conversation: “How
many people work in the specialized care facility where you were employed?”. “Five professionals.” “For
how many guests … difficult?”. “Ten.” “Average wage?” “Twelve hundred euro.” I made a quick
comparison with our residents: 80 guests assisted by two or three people (and not full time).
With wages and contributions of the staff of that structure we could support the entire project of Alice
for a year (30 teachers, 800 students, 80 residents …). Miracle and benefits of … pedagogy of
Valentino Giacomin



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