Valentino Giacomin was born in 1944 of humble origins in a rural village in the province of Treviso, Italy. From a very young age, he was moved by the suffering of the farmers in his region. He decided to dedicate is life to improve the welfare of the poor through obtaining a better education. He studied psychology at the Università Cattolica in Milan where he trained as a teacher for children and adults. He worked as a teacher and part time journalist for twenty-five years. It was during that period of teaching in the public school system that he understood, together with Luigina De Biasi, that the only way to help people, lessen physical and mental suffering was through the changing of the mind. He discovered that problems can disappear, if we are able to look at them from a higher perspective. Hence, in 1982, he started a research project named Alice Project Universal Education aimed at integrating the traditional academic curriculum mainly based on the rational mind – with subjects which could help students to bridge their rational mind with their transpersonal and spiritual mind, thus creating a paradigm shift.

After ten years of work with Luigina De Biasi on an approved research study in a public primary school in Italy, Valentino decided in 1994 to transfer his investigation to India and other countries, under the framework of a more rigorous scientific approach. The outcome of the research not only confirmed the previous intuitions and thesis, but also showed an astonishing improvement in the I.Q. of the disadvantaged students as well as a remarkable enhancement of their personal and social behavior and discipline.

Currently, more than one thousand students from kindergarten to Class XII and Degree College are receiving Alice Project training in Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh), Bodh Gaya (Bihar) and Bodhisatta Deban Village (Arunachal Pradesh).

Valentino has written about twenty books on integrated, sustainable education, following a curriculum inspired by a new educational paradigm to help the new generation of students, teachers and parents to face the global economic and social crisis and the environmental disaster which is already upon us.