Why Alice Project?

Like “Alice in Wonderland” who travels in her fantasy world and doesn’t get lost, so our students need to be able to find their way in world around them as to understand their internal world so that they don’t get lost inside.

What is going on when you look inside yourself? What can you see? What are your thoughts? Your feelings? What reality?

We call all this our Internal World or Subjective Reality that can not be separated from the external reality.

We propose a path of consciousness and self-consciousness developing awareness and encouraging a disidentification between the self and its functions (I’m not my thoughts, I’m not my feelings…I’m something beyond).

We experienced that a student has an integrated personality when you offer him or her an Integrated Education. It means that you have got to teach your students how to know both the external and the internal world without discrimination (they are both important) and how to develop some abilities of our mind such as visualization, imagination, concentration and memory (abilities lost by many adults since they didn’t practise when they were children). We are taking up the challenge of regaining these “lost abilities” and preventing the fragmentation of personality and intelligence.

Alice Project goes beyond differences of nationality, caste, religion and culture, to create a multicultural and pluralistic society and it transcends the individual psychological divisions due to a conflictual mind, so to develop a harmonic personality that has and integrated vision of the world. This Unity will spontaneously foster tolerance towards each kind of diversity. Mindfulness and awareness of our inner world and of what is around us will create a new culture of peace, solidarity and tolerance.


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