Scientific results

Test results in India

Students have been tested by professional psychologists since the beginning of the experimental program and after a few years of “Alice Project”.
Prof. Sharma (University of Benares) conducted the same tests on our students and on a comparative group in a private school (an accredited school in Uttar Pradesh that is sited a few kilometres from Sarnath).

Tests results show an improvemenet in the research when compared to the results we got in Italy:

  • Increased ability to attentiveness, concentration and self-inquiry
  • Increased ability to memorize and visualize
  • Higher mindfullness
  • Tolerance
  • Collaboration and socialization
  • Decrease in aggressive behaviour
  • Development of emotional intelligence

The results of the comparative group are not improving and the difference between them and our students is increasing.

Some statistical data

Our comparative educational results are good. In October 1997 Professor Sharma from Benares Hindu University (BHU) conducted general IQ testing which showed that 42% of Alice Project children were intellectually above average compared to 15% of children at comparative schools.

There were also significant results in short and long term memory, concentration skills, emotional competence and moral awareness

Psychological tests June 2002

Psychological tests taken June 2002 by psychologist Professor Sharma from Benares Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, UP. Forty-two students in Class V aged between 10-13 were tested on four different levels, concentration, memory, moral values and socialisation.

Results at Alice Project school were compared to those of a local Government school.

Attention and concentration:

Excellent 11.9%. Good 50%. Poor 38.1%
Other school:
Excellent: 0.0% Good:30.5%. Poor:69.5%


Excellent :11.9%- Good: 57% – Poor:38%
Other School
Excellent 0.0% – Good:40% – Poor: 60%

Moral Values 

Excellent 11.9% – Good 88.1%
Other School
Excellent 5% – Good 75%- Poor 20%


Excellent 9.5% – Good 69% – Poor 27.5%
Other School –
Excellent 0.0% – Good 35% – Poor 65%