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Dear friends,
This year has marked an important step in the history of Alice Project. In April in fact we started the 25th scholastic year, which will end in March 2019.
A year particularly intense, full of important events, as you will see from this Christmas Letter in which ample space is given to students.
In December Valentino, who was in France, came back to India after having known that Alice Project had been chosen by HH Dalai Lama to organize an important event about Education.
Mr Tsewang Tenzin, our president, immediately started to work for the success of the event together with a group of volunteers from Bihar

Before the event, HH Dalai Lama’s sister paid a visit to our school in Bodhgaya. She Jetsun Pema La, and she is called The Mother of Tibet, because of her tireless work in favor of Tibetan children, for which she received an award from UNESCO in 1999. Her husband and some representatives of the Tibetan Parliament were with her.
After visiting the school and having a talk with Valentino, she realized the validity of the method, given the results obtained so far, and expressed appreciation to Alice Project.

In the same period of time, famous American actor Richard Gere came and visited the school at Bodhgaya, while talking to Valentino, he made him realize that also America would need Alice Project.
“On January 24th we students of Sarnath School from the class 5th to the senior high school, together with our teachers and the school principal, travelled to Bodhgaya by coach, to take part in the meeting with HH Dalai Lamai on the next day.
At the meeting there were also students from Bodhgaya School and some from Arunachal Pradesh, accompanied by Suchandra, fifteen children and teenagers who then went to reside in Sarnath after that.

About 12.000 students, coming from different schools of Bihar, took part and were present at the meeting.
Valentino presented Alice Project, its history, the path and methodology, and then offered HH Dalai Lama the first copy of his new book “Universal Ethics”.
And HH Dalai Lama told him these words: “You are doing in the field of Education what we wish.”
All of us were so happy to hear these words of appreciation spoken by such an important person as HH Dalai Lama. Then, addressing to us students, He told us how precious time is and how to use it in a positive way.
He said that the future of India is in our hands; therefore we should be aware of our individual responsibility.
Whether the situation of the Country improves or gets worse depends on us.
He also remarked how important the ancient Indian wisdom is, as well as the understanding of the concept of interdependence and projections. Unfortunately, in these years the Western culture and the schools do not favour the education to understand our self to achieve inner peace.
Finally HH Dalai Lama replied to our questions. For us and our teachers it was an unforgettable experience.
Then, in the afternoon, we visited the ancient temples of Bodhgaya.
The next day, we went to the village of Dandawa to visit the other Alice Project School. Here, for the first time, we celebrated the “Republic Day” together with the students of that School and then they showed us their school around: a great opportunity for everybody.”

-In February all students in the X and XII classes had their final exams and the results were very satisfactory: 100% passed the X class exam and 96% the XII, while the national average was 72%.
-In March, Boom (A former student at A.P. who now lives at the school) went to Arunachal Pradesh with Ilaria. “It was an important opportunity to visit this “windy land”, a green and clean land where people live in bamboo piles, farm their land and can drink the water of the river.

With Suchandra, the responsible of the school, we visited some families living in the nearby villages. They welcomed us very warmly into their houses and offered us their traditional Chakma dishes as well as very special biscuits.
The parents of the students living at Sarnath School told us how difficult it is to survive in those forests, especially at the beginning when there were elephants, tigers and other wild animals. Year after year they went on farming the land, working very hard even if it often happens that the monsoons and land slides destroy the houses and floods damage their crops and harvests. Life is very difficult there.
Of course we stopped at the school to meet the teachers and the students studying there. I was impressed by their uniforms: clean and tidy, and by their smiles expressing great joy. And I thought: -how lucky these children are! They are receiving a special education which will guide them in their future life.
We also visited a small temple dedicated to Shiva. It’s situated on top of a hill, a place particularly sacred, full of a powerful energy, where every year groups of people of different religions make a pilgrimage specially on the day of Shivaratri.

And there was also a meeting with the parents of the students studying in that school, together with the teachers and Mr .Monto Moni Chakma, the Mukhiya (village chief) of Bodhisatta, responsible of the administration of the school.

The parents expressed their appreciation of A.P. and so the Mukiya planned to involve more the families in the Project in order to better support the expenses of the school.”

-In March, the French psychoanalyst Madame Samia came again to our school to complete the training that she started last year. Unfortunately she had to go back to France after only a few days for family reasons. Let’s hope she will be able to come again.

-A good and important piece of news: after working hard and waiting so long, Sarnath school was officially recognized up to the XII class!

In April, Swami Varishtanand, psychologist and pediatrician, came again to Sarnath School. He lives and works at Rama Krishna Mission in Varanasi, where every year I am invited to hold seminars about A. P., which are always followed with great interest by a large group of educators.
Swami spoke to the students about our true identity and said how important it is to discover it, under the guidance of a master. Then he told a very significant story.
Then, addressing to the teachers, he explained how an integrated education with spirituality can improve the students and remarked the responsibility upon them.
– “On 21st June , like every year, we celebrated the International Yoga Day, and on this occasion, we organized a meeting, open to everybody, in order to better understand the philosophy and the benefits deriving from practicing this ancient discipline”.

-On 24th June, a group of 70 students accompanied by the principal and ten teachers, travelling by train went to Dharamsala in the North of India, where, after 2 days, they received a private audience of HH The Dalai Lama.
Valentino, Ilaria and Mr Tsewang Tenzin went there a few days before to organize this event with HH and their stay in Dharamsala.

“It was a quite long trip ( 32 hours by train and 4 by bus ) but interesting at the same time , because we crossed so many different regions of India and for many of us it was the first experience on a train.

HH The Dalai Lama received us in his residence in McLeod Ganj, at Dharamsala.
He told us that our life, without a good education, culture or respect of traditions is not complete.
If we young students do not recall the Ancient Indian Wisdom, our culture and traditions, as well as yoga, meditation…, we will be destined to suffer a lot and we will give importance only to material things. It is not sufficient to study the different scholastic subjects, if we do not integrate this knowledge with the knowledge of the inner world and of our mind, according to our ancient traditions.
At the end of the meeting , after singing all together a song dedicated to HH the Dalai Lama, Valentino offered him the second part of his latest book “Universal Ethics.

The next day we met the C.T.A. President Dr. Lobsang Sangay. We were impressed by his story. He was born in a poor family and was always engaged in studies and work with seriousness and determination, until he obtained the important assignment that he has at present..
After that we visited two schools: the TCV school and the Tong Len school. For us it was interesting to interact with the students of the two schools and share our experiences.
We then went to see a Temple near a waterfall and finally the Himanchal Pradesh Cricket Stadium near a park.
This trip was an unforgettable experience for all of us, which will certainly leave an indelible mark inside each of us.”

– After the summer holidays, in July, the school started again. In Sarnath School 200 new student were enrolled, from kindergarten to higher classes.
– In August, some students from the higher classes could follow the second International Training course for teachers mainly, held by Valentino and was organized at Sarnath School. There were 24 teachers from the three A.P. schools and some other teachers coming from abroad.
The course lasted 3 weeks, it was an intensive work and the participants followed the philosophy the path and methodology of Alice Project with great interest.

At the end of the course, the participants thanked Valentino because, through his teachings, they realized that it is possible to see the life with “different eyes”. They also thanked everyone in the school and the cook Mohammed from Bodhgaya who, through his dishes, contributed to the success of the training course.
– “At the end of August, The Sanskrit University of Varanasi, the ” Sampuranand Sankrit Vishwavidyalaya of Benares” conferred an award to Valentino, for the third time, for his work done over the years in the field of Education.
These are the words of Prof.Rajaram Shukla , Vice Chancellor of the Universiy: ” Alice Project is an integrated education model, based on Universal values and a non dualistic vision of reality”.
Alice pedagogy not only recognizes the ancient wisdom of Indian philosophy but it is following the modern findings of Transpersonal Psychology, confirmed by the recent researches in the field of neuroscience and quantum physics”.

After thanking, Valentino offered the University V.C. his latest book. A group of high school students with some teachers and the principal attended the award ceremony.

– In September, at Bodhgaya School, there was a Graphology course held by Prof Mr Rajesh Jauhari. Ten teachers and some Chakma students followed the course. Through a serious and accurate handwriting analysis, a teacher can not only better understand him/herself but also his/her students.

– In September, after several days of illness, Lama Monlam, who lived in Nepal, passed away. He was a great Lama, the spiritual responsible of A.P from many years, beloved and respected by students and teachers.
Every year he used to spend a few days at Sarnath School. We will all miss his precious presence who has always supported and guided A.P. through his advices and prayers.
We will always remember him with affection and gratitude. Gratitude expressed by the numerous Mantra recited by our students, when he was ill and after he passed away.

– In September, around our Bodhgaya School, in 4 different temples, the people of the nearby villages completed the recitation of 100.000 Mantras together with our students in order to keep alive the spiritual part inside each of us. So that there is more peace among the inhabitants of the villages. As a conclusion there was a Fire Puja with the Pandit who teaches in the school.

– At about the end of the month, Mr. Monto Moni Chakma, the legal representative of the school in Arunachal Pradesh, came to Sarnath and met Valentino, Mr Tswang Tenzin, the principal of the school Mr Awanis Mishra, some teachers and some representatives of the administration.
After talking about Bodhisatta School and possible improvements of it, the Mukhiya promised to offer the school a piece of land for its new projects.
– “In October, Dr. Paola Salvadori and Maria Tolu came to visit our school. They stayed with us for a few days in order to better understand Alice Project and its methodology and they interacted with the teachers and us students, following and participating in some different lessons in different classes.
Dr. P. Salvadori, Headmaster of the school Don Milan at Tavernelle Val di Pesa (Fi ), where Valentino gave a training course, thanked him for the opportunity to stay with students and teachers.

She would like to put in practice in the school where she is the responsible, the path that we are following. She said the students could have more self confidence, to improve their concentration, they become more aware and have more peace inside them. And so the world could be better.
Dr. M. Tolu, pediatrician, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity given to take part in so many activities and moments of meditation. The meditation can improve our health and this is confirmed by the latest scientific researches.”

– At the beginning of October, Boom and Kapin (former students of A.P. living at Sarnath school ), at the request of Valentino, went back to Arunachal Pradesh to meet a little Shaman Chakma called “Boddo”.
“We left from Bodisatta School and, after 4-5 hours on the motorbike, we arrived at the village where this special child lives with his family. We could see him while he was helping his elder brother to sell incense and candles.
Then he sat apart and started to receive people asking to be healed.
This little shaman offers them leaves, flowers or herbs which, after he touches them with his hands, can heal diseases afflicting them. In return people offer him small presents.
In the past also Boddo’s grandfather, now ninety, had the same healing power and before him, his grandfather who lived in Bangladesh, where once the Chakma lived. They had to leave their lands which were flooded after the construction of some dams and also for religious reasons (Buddhist minority in a Muslim context. Indian Government then allowed them to live in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh where they still live)
When the healing power of little Boddo was found, thousands of people came to see him every day asking to be healed. Now he receives only about 100 people twice a week.
We couldn’t film him because they say he could lose his power and his incredible energy by which he can cure so many people.
But we could interview Boddo’s grandfather, some people in the village and someone who has been cured.
Maybe, in the future, we can have the opportunity to go to the village again and have a direct contact with this special child.

Back to the village of Bodisatta, we wanted to meet the guardian of the Temple dedicated to Shiva, on a hill. It was good for us to stay for some time in that place where the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.”

Also this year, many friends have come and visited our school. Some have offered their help and we wish to thank them all.
A special thank is for Ass. Shining Hope, which, with its generous annual contribution, ensures stability to our three schools; and we also thank our friends from Taiwan who have been supporting Alice Project for more than 20 years.
Our Project is becoming more and more autonomous also thanks to the increasing involvement of the teachers, the principal’s work, the staff and Ilaria who is continuing to coordinate all the activities and manage the administrative part of the three schools.
We would also like to thank the president, Mr Tsewang Tenzin for his involvement in organizing the big events in Bodhgaya first and then at Dharamsala.

In Italy.
Ilaria, who accompanied Valentino during his training courses in Italy, describes the different experiences in this way:

“Also this year Valentino came back to Italy for a training courses, to experiment the proposal of Alice Project in new contexts and to start a path structured in Public Italian Schools. In July he went, for the second time, to the “Cascina dei Ricostruttori” in Val di Vara, where he gave a 6 day training course attended by more than 40 people, mainly families with a big number of children.

Collaboration between the two realities has grown positively, together with the strengthening of the common purpose of educational proposals and a renewed interest in strengthening cooperation and exchange.
And immediately after this week, there was a meeting for the young people who already participate in the activities of the Community, to help them to move closer to a path of inner knowledge, following the Alice Project model. On 1st and 2nd November a group of about 10 young people met Valentino and started to reflect about themes which are the basis of Alice Project vision.

In July, in a company in the province of Treviso, one of the business owner, Flavio Bevilacqua, who has been caring for his employees’ welfare for years, organized a course and, for the first time, Valentino did training in a company. The results were very encouraging. Their interest and enthusiasm were so strong to request a second course next year. The context was particularly interesting to study Alice’s issues and see how the simplicity of the path and exercises can have a positive impact not only at the school level but at individual level at any age.

Certainly the most significant experience in Italy was the one at Istituto Comprensivo Don Milani at Tavernelle.

Thanks to a group of very sensitive parents, the coordination of Gloria Germani and the tenacious will of the Principal Dr. Paola Salvadori it can be possible to start to officially bring Alice Project into Italian schools. At the beginning of July more than 50 teachers could follow a course, the first one recognized by Miur, just at Tavernelle. The course, very practical with activities directly done with some children, wanted to introduce the vision, the techniques and teaching methodology of A.P. and give the instruments to start to work in the classes with the students.
At the end of the course most of the teachers (teaching in all the 5 kinds of schools: kindergarten, secondary and 3 primary) joined the Project and in September started to introduce techniques like the morning assembly, the small balls for emotions, short exercises of concentration on the breath and candle, visualization in their classes.

This is not the only Institute to start the Project officially. In fact a group of teachers of a school in the province of Bergamo, after training for about 2 years with Mrs. Maria Luisa Dagna and experimenting in their classes, could make officially approve Alice Project in their school. Their contribution and testimony during the course at Tavernelle was really precious. They shared their experience and showed that A.P. can easily adapt to methodology and content of Italian school.

In November Valentino went back to Tuscany, this time to work directly in the different classes of the Institute “Don Milani”. This time he focused his work on integrated teaching, particularly on the use of the material he designed for Mathematics and English, in order to make learning easier and develop memorization, concentration, attention and visualization.

Finally, many other schools have already requested to start Alice Project and especially Tuscany is about to develop a network. In this context there has been a training course at Massa and at Cozzile. Organized and tenaciously wanted also by Ms Silvia Diolaiuti, the psychologist who followed the testing of integrated mathematical model of A.P., and sponsored by the City and the city school.”

As always, also this year I have received many proposals and requests for training courses in different places, not only for teachers but also for educators, parents, and people interested in beginning or to go deeply in their inner path. I have also been invited in many public schools, primary and secondary , where now the teachers interested in A.P. are proposing it with different modes and at different levels.
Donations coming from these courses, the yoga days, bake sales and small markets, the lottery, donations of some students of some schools contribute to cover a small part of the school expenses of the three schools in India.
As you can see in the box below, the new bank codes are marked (Banca Etica)
In a few months the previous codes will no longer be valid.
It’s always difficult to recall all the friends, old and new, who help us and allow us, through their support, to continue this educational experience we started 25 years ago.
Thank you from the bottom of the heart and…….Happy Christmas to all of you and your families.

Sarnath 21st November 2018

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Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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“We wish you a very happy birthday”

Alice Project Schools celebrate the birthday of HH the 14th Dalai Lama

It was a great honor for all of us for being part of the huge celebration on the occasion of the birthday of HH the 14th Dalai Lama. All the students , teachers, school managing committee, the school headmaster, the volunteers and every single member of the Alice Project schools was feeling extremely blessed and honored while being the part of this ceremony.

All the students and teacher gathered in the prayer ground of the school, where ceremony started with the lamp offering by the school principal Mr. Awaneesh Kumar Mishra. Traditional Khatas and flowers were offered to the image of HH by the teachers of the school.

The students happily sang the birthday songs and prayers for the long life of HH. Some of the students, who recently have been to Himanchal Pradesh, shared their experience of meeting HH there, and they shared the teachings that they have received from HH during their visit in HP.

A special Long life Puja and feast was organized in the Tara temple which is situated in the school compound. All the students, nuns, the main Genla and teachers happily participated the ceremony and enjoyed the lunch.

We wish a very happy birthday of HH and many returns of the day. We pray for his long life and express our deep gratitude for being so kind to give us his precious teachings.

We hope to see the HH in our school for the fourth time.

With kind respect and devotion
Alice Project team

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Alice project, from the holy land of Kashi to the divine land of Dharamshala-

On June 24, a group of 81 students and 10 teachers left from Sarnath for Dharamsala , an unknown destination and a busy calendar of events lit up the imagination and enthusiasm of the group. For the youngers, which had never left home and had never taken a train, it was an incredible adventure. For teachers, it was a mixed experience of amazement and awareness for a new dream that took shape: a school trip to go to meet HH the14th Dalai Lama in a private audience.

A group picture of the students and the teachers at the Varanasi railway station.

After completing a 33 hours long journey by train which was 6 hours late and a 4 hours of journey by bus finally we reached to Mcleod Ganj , Dharamshala. A mixed expression could be easily seen over the faces of the students, it was true that all of them were exhausted because of such a long journey in the heat of 44 degrees, but at the same time their eyes were shining seeing Mr. Valentino, Ms. Ilaria and our president Mr. Tenzin la, who had done all the preparations / arrangements for welcoming the group in the wonderful place of Dharamshala.
All of us were provided luxurious rooms, where we all got refreshed. After that all the teachers and students gathered to discuss about the next day’s program as we were supposed to visit HH Dalai Lama. we gathered together and a planning for the next day was discussed with the teachers and students as the next day was the day when we had to meet HH. All the students and teachers were eagerly waiting for the night to be over.

Group of teachers meeting with Mr.Valentino

Students relaxing in their rooms

Alice in Wonderland of Dharamshala 2nd day: Private audience with HH

The sun of the next day seemed to be rising very late; every single minute seemed to us as hours. All of us were waiting for the next statement of our president, when is he going to ask us to move to the residence of HH as it was the main purpose meaning of the whole trip. Alice’s group of students and teachers came to Dharamshala especially for this reason: to meet HH the Dalai Lama in private audience and once again participate in the immense gift of his wisdom and blessing.

Students with HH after the private audience

All the faces bloomed up seeing the president ready asking all of us to move. We happily reached to the residence of HH which was full of peace and spiritual energy. As fire puja was already going on, all of us could see the high lamas and monks performing the puja.

After completing the security check ups, all of us could get entry entered in the hall where the audience was scheduled. For more than two hours the teachers, the Headmaster, Valentino and our student boys have silently waited for His Holiness to arrive. Silence not neither built nor forced an anxious, emotional, sincere silence. A silence of respect, of harmony, of complicity of a group formed through years of exchanges and sharing of spaces, time, values and bets.

Finally the time had come; we could see the HH coming slowly – slowly to the shrine. A natural smile could easily be seen on his face. All of us stood up in respect and welcomed him with the chanting of Mantras and Bhajans.

HH started his speech with the importance of time, which is running continuously unstopped. He said “We should use time properly. What is the meaning of using it properly means, younger generation, I think human being, eventually, hopefully, should be more harmonist humanity, helping each other instead of bully or fight. And for that I feel education is key factor. Now including India, so called modern Education, is very much oriented about material values. Not very much intension about our inner value. So whole generation who come through that kind of education has materialistic life. And create materialistic culture. Now in this country , India, thousand year old your rich culture, heritage , including Samatha, Vipasana , before Buddha came, the practice of Samatha , practice of Vipasana, investigation and also some yoga practice , some exercise , before Buddha came all these was already there. Now modern India , I think forgot these things…….”

So there is a strong need of traditional moral and ethical values in the modern Education system. Without this the education is becoming more and more materialistic and our lives are becoming more and fuller of crisis and suffering. All these sufferings are man-made; we are the creators of these sufferings.

“ All the major tradition of world have the same potential to produce good, sensible, compassionate person. So all have the same potential , same message, message of love.”

“Only India’s ancient knowledge have the ability to tackle these emotional problems and crisis. So I am totally committed to revival of this ancient knowledge about mind, strictly secular way. So students who are here think equally modern education subject at the same time ancient Indian Education about mind, about emotion, please pay more attention . ”

Mr. Valentino, Miss. Ilaria , Mr. Tenzin, The school principal Teachers with HH

Then the question answer session started, where the students were welcomed to ask some questions to HH. Some of our students asked unexpectedly wonderful questions to him. One of our students, Malay Kappin Chakma asked: “If whole universe is the projection of our mind, but we cannot image out of the world. So what is the reality, outer one or the inner one?”

Answering to this question HH said: “According to the Indian philosophy especially according to the non-theistic religion, like Sankhya philosophy , Jain and Buddhist philosophy ,life has no beginning, it is begin less and non-Buddhists they say Atman, no beginning. So now the limitless solar system, galaxies, limitless, no limit, there is no end according to the Indian philosophy including Buddhist philosophy , galaxy limitless. The modern scientist they know only one galaxy and now gradually begins more powerful telescopes have developed and now there are more galaxies. Some galaxies are beginning now and some are disappearing. That exactly has been mentioned in the Indian tradition. So how these galaxies to happen? KARMA- What is a Karma? There are two types of Karmas , one mentally, level and one action level. Action level is also related with the mind. So all the galaxies, whole cosmos is ultimately created by mind. “

The meeting was concluded with the song offering ceremony. At the same time the copy of our recent Edition “Manual Universal Ethics Vol- II was offered to HH by the school director Mr. Valentino Giacomin. At the same time a song composed by Mr. Valentino was also offered to Him. Mr Valentino offered a self composed song to HH as well during the conclusion of the meeting.

Alice in the compound of TCV-
The next day our students and teachers were invited for a visit to TCV School. We were welcomed by the Director of the TCV Schools Ven. Tsultrim Dorjee la. We were guided a tour in the entire compound. We saw the classrooms, living rooms, hostels, and met the residential students under the guidance of TCV School president – Mr. Thupten Dorjee La.

A copy of our recent publications were offered to the Director of TCV Schools my Mr.VG.

A copy of our recent publications were offered to the Director of TCV Schools my Mr.VG.
It was very nice for our students meeting these children; they shared their experiences of being in TCV. While our students told them how Alice has made a big change in their lives.

A group photo with the students, teachers and staff of both the institutions ; Alice Project and TCV

Alice Students Meet CTA president Dr. Lobsang Sangay:
The next day was waiting with another surprise for our students and teachers. It was a meeting with CTA president Dr. Lobsang Sangay at Nyatri hall. Mr. Sangay shared many wonderful experiences of his life. Our students were very moved to listen to him, it was very inspiring to listen to him, and how he grew up from a very common family of farmers to the CTA President. After the event he met the students and shared group photos with them.
Expressing himself on his FB account Mr. Sangay says: It is always a great pleasure to host young, bright minds in Dharamsala. Yesterday, I met with students from Universal Education School of Alice Project Schools (U.P.).

A copy of our recent publications: Manual Ethics vol- I and II were offered to him as well.

For the students it was like a dream come true meeting someone who is a legend, a man of inspiration, with such simplicity and kindness. He was an inspiration for all of them.

A group photo with Dr. Lobsang Sangay at Nyatri hall.

Alice project students enjoying the water fall
During our one week tour, on the 29th of June the students and teachers went to see the famous temple Bhagsu Nag and the great waterfall which is next to the temple.

Students on the way to Bhagsu Nag temple and the water fall.

After paying a homage to the holi Shiva temple , the students sang mantras and Bhajans with deep devotion clapping their hands. Then they started the journey for the geat water fall.

Students seeing the great water fall

Students singing the Bhajans in the cortyard of Bhagsu temple.

Alice visits to Tong Len Charitable Trust
The next day we all went to the Tong Len Charitable Trust. Tong Len is working for the children who are living in extremely poor conditions in the slum areas of the Himanchal Pradesh. We could see that they are doing a wonderful job for helping these children. We were welcomed by the Founder and director of Tong le – Ven. Jamyang Tsering La and a group sharing was organized among the students there and our students. We promised collaboration between the two institutions. And we are happy to share with you that some of the teachers from Tong len charitable trust are going to come soon to our school for a teachers’ training.

A photo with the director of Tong len

Students interacting to each other

Our last destination was the Himanchal Pradesh Cricket Stadium
On the last day of our visit all the students and teachers went to see the Himanchal Pradesh Cricket Stadium and a park which is next to it.

Finally we would like to express the gratitude towards our president, Ven. Tsewang Tenzin la whose immense and tireless effort made this dream come true. We have no words to express our gratitude towards him, his loving and caring wife, supportive brother and of course his son. All of them have been were very kind to help, guide and support to us. We organized a ‘Thank You’ party on the last evening of our tour in honor to the whole family of our president and him. We cut the cakes, sang songs and expressed our deep gratitude to him and all the family member who were so kind, caring, loving and full of enthusiasm to help and support us.

We conclude our newsletter leaving you with these happy faces. We hope you will love it. Soon we will be back with new updates.

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A tutti gli amici e sostenitori del Progetto Alice,

a causa dell’incendio dell’anno scorso è stato perduto il nostro indirizzario. Alcuni nomi sono stati recuperati ma altri sono andati definitivamente perduti.

Per chi volesse come di consueto ricevere la lettera di Natale in formato cartaceo è pregato di inviare una e-mail a con:

Oggetto: Indirizzo per lettera di Natale

Nome, cognome, indirizzo, Cap.

Grazie per il vostro continuo sostegno.

Luigina De Biasi


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Abbiamo deciso di rendere pubblico il bilancio delle scuole per motivi di chiarezza e trasparenza. Ci sono alcune voci che, forse, possono creare dubbi e confusione. Siamo a disposizione per eventuali chiarimenti.

In particolare, alcuni amici hanno avanzato delle osservazioni circa l’impiego dei fondi delle donazioni per scopi non strettamente inerenti il mantenimento, la cura e l’educazione degli studenti. Mi riferisco,ad esempio, alle voci: “puje, preghiere, dharma, statue…”.

Qualcuno può obiettare: “Noi diamo la nostra offerta per i bambini, non per le statue!”

Sacrosanta obiezione! La motivazione dell’offerta va rispettata. Se lo sponsor offre dei soldi per curare i bambini, ovviamente l’offerta non puo’ essere usata per scopi diversi.

Detto questo, dobbiamo, pero’, informare i nostri amici che ci sono altri che ci chiedono di far fare delle preghiere per persone malate, per problemi vari… Ora, non possiamo avere due conti separati in Banca, a seconda delle motivazioni delle offerte. Il permesso di ricevere fondi dall’estero e’ uno e le offerte finiscono, come dire?, nello stesso cesto. Sta a noi, poi, smistarle a seconda delle richieste degli sponsors.

Tra i vari progetti proposti da Alice, non e’ un mistero, c’e’  l’incentivazione dell’aspetto religioso (che comprende tutte e religioni). In passato, ad esempio, avevamo proposto ad una suora cristiana di organizzare un gruppo di preghiera continua (recitazione del Rosario), finanziato da Alice. Il progetto non e’ mai partito, non per mancanza di buona volonta’ da parte nostra. Noi crediamo che solo una forte energia spirituale puo’ “salvare” il mondo alla deriva. Siccome non possiamo “salvare” tutto il mondo, abbiamo pensato che, forse, potremmo tentare di “salvare” il piccolo mondo che gravita attorno alle nostre scuole, offrendo un esempio di convivenza e pratica pacifica tra praticanti di diverse fedi.

Il Progetto Tara, Ganesha, Rosario… vanno capiti e inseriti in questa visione, cosi’ pure il progetto-Maitreya: una statua dedicata alla decima manifestazione di Visnu’ (Kalki  per gli induisti, Maitreya per i buddisti).

Ognuno e’ libero di destinare le sue offerte come meglio crede.

Riportiamo qui sotto l’elenco delle offerte (arrotondate dopo il cambio in rupie) degli sponsors per la statua di Maitreya, che sono anche sponsors di altri progetti di Alice (quindi, non solo preghiere o “pietre”, ma anche riso, libri, medicine!).

Luciana Usellini – 9500 euro

Luciano Villa e famiglia – 2600 euro

Gianfranco Trevisan e Tonon Bertilla – 4500 euro

Agata Montevecchi e Tiziana Tosolini – 2550 euro

Tibetan Army – 6300 euro

Paolo Regis – 2500 euro

V.G. – 13000 euro

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Una brutta notizia: la mia stanza, quella di Luigina, la cucina dei residenti, l’ufficio attiguo, documenti, libri, alcuni risparmi… tutto e’ andato distrutto a causa di un corto circuito, questa notte. Per fortuna, tutti i bambini residenti che si trovavano nell’ostello sono salvi. L’incendio e’ scoppiato verso mezzanotte. A dare l’allarme, Luigina che si e’ salvata per miracolo. E’ stata svegliata dal calore del tetto che bruciava. Era ormai troppo tardi per cercare di salvare qualcosa. Bisogna dire che il nostro vivere “povero” ha aggravato la situazione. Infatti, il tetto delle nostre stanze era di paglia e ondulati. L’incendio si e’ propagato in poco tempo. Inutile ogni tentativo di spegnere le fiamme. Il generatore che avrebbe potuto attivare la pompa dell’acqua era non funzionante a causa dell’impianto elettrico andato in tilt. A poco sono serviti i secchi d’acqua portati dai bambini. Anche i vicini hanno tentato di aiutarci, ma erano troppo distanti dalla scuola. I vigili del fuoco sono arrivati dopo un’ora, giusto per spruzzare l’acqua sulle macerie. Un incidente annunciato. Infatti, da due mesi le monache del Tempio di Tara stavano pregando su suggerimento dei nostri Lama, che avevano “visto” pericoli gravi per le nostre scuole. Per questo, avevamo messo in sicurezza alcuni documenti importanti (relativi alla proprieta’ del terreno) e fatto una assicurazione, che servira’ a rendere meno grave il bilancio dei danni. Dunque, poteva accadere di peggio. Mettiamola sul positivo, anche se domani sara’ un giorno davvero triste, quando, alla luce del sole, si “conteranno” i danni e si cerchera’ tra le macerie qualcosa risparmiato dal fuoco. Luigina e’ rimasta solo con la vestaglia che indossava mentre era a letto. Io mi trovo a Bodhgaya, per fortuna, perche’ il fuoco sembra si sia sviluppato proprio dalla mia stanza. Non avrei avuto scampo. Chi conosce dove vivo sa che cosa voglio dire. Che dire? E’ troppo tardi per … pensare ed esprimere dei giudizi e delle emozioni. Meglio rimandare a domani.


Bad News: my room, Luigina’s one, residents’ kitchen, offices, documents, books and savings… everything’s gone destroyed because of a short circuit, tonight. Luckily all the children and the residents of the hostel are safe. The fire occurred at midnight. It was Mrs. Luigina to give the alarm: she woke up because of the heat of her bed burning. It was already too late to try do something. Moreover the “poor” structure conditions of the roof made the situation more dangerous: our roof was composed by straw and metal sheet. The generator, which could help fighting the fire by activating water pumps went haywire. Water buckets used by our children were not enough. Also our neighbors tried to help us, but they were too far from the school. It was an accident waiting to happen: our Lamas “saw” dangerous things for our schools and two nouns were already praying for us. Our most important documents, such as land properties and our insurance – which will help us in reducing the damage – were put in a safe place time ago. Something worst could happen. Let’s look forward, even if tomorrow we will count the damages of the fire through the ruins, with the hope that we could still find something not destroyed by the fire. Mrs. Luigina only has a gown now, everything’s gone burnt. I am actually in Bodhgaya, fortunately, because it seems the fire started in right I my room. I wouldn’t have had any chance. Those who know where I live know what I mean. What to say? It’s too late to try to… to think and to express judgments and emotions. Better to send back to tomorrow…




Cari amici e care amiche di Alice,

Questa lettera segna un evento speciale: vent’anni fa partì lavventura di Alice.

Grazie per il vostro sostegno.


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Cari amici,
questa newsletter è il risultato di un tentativo autonomo da parte delle persone che lavorano in
ufficio di preparare una sintesi delle notizie di questi ultimi mesi. Ho preferito non interferire sia nella scelta
delle informazioni da evidenziare, sia delle foto. Credo sia l’unico modo per rendere le persone responsabili e
autosufficienti. La prossima newsletter sarà senz’altro migliore, meno ridondante, enfatica, prolissa (in
alcuni argomenti). Da sempre sosteniamo che una struttura educativa deve favorire al massimo la creatività
e la responsabilità degli ospiti, per evitare la sindrome da dipendenza (che conoscono bene le nostre
mamme in Italia, alle prese, spesso, con figli adulti ancora non autosufficienti). Recentemente, una
psicologa italiana, volontaria, si meravigliava del fatto che i ragazzi e le ragazze dell’ostello fossero “troppo
indipendenti”, senza persone a tempo pieno che li/le seguono. Ho chiesto di farmi sapere quale fosse, in
realtà, il problema: “C’e’ il rischio che sprechino cibo quando cucinano”, disse.
“E’ vero. Ma cucinano da soli la colazione, il pranzo e la cena e nessuno si lamenta. Quanto mi costavano le
due cuoche che avevamo fino a un anno fa?” E poi: “I residenti hanno bisogno di personale che li assista”.
“Nei loro villaggi sono abituati a restare soli in casa per tutta la giornata, con la responsabilità dei fratelli
minori, mentre I genitori lavorano sulle montagne… Perché farli, come dire?, regredire?
Senza contare il costo del personale e la difficoltà di trovare persone qualificate per questo ruolo. Meglio
educare gli ospiti ad essere totalmente responsabili…”. Un’ultima nota riguardo a questa utile
conversazione: “Quante persone specializzate lavorano nella struttura assistenziale dove tu eri impiegata?”.
“Cinque professionisti”. ” Per quanti ospiti… difficili?”. “Dieci!”. “Salario medio?” “Milleduecento euro.” Feci
un rapido confronto con i nostri residenti: 80 ospiti assistiti da due, tre persone (e non a tempo pieno). Con il
salario e contributi del personale di quella struttura noi potremmo sostenere l’intero progetto di Alice per un
anno (30 insegnanti, 800 studenti, 80 residenti…). Miracolo e vantaggi della … pedagogia della
Valentino Giacomin



Ciao Amici di Alice, il sito è stato di recente aggiornato e se vorrete leggere le newsletter degli ultimi anni, le troverete archiviate nella pagina “STAMPA & NEWS” nella sezione “NEWS – ARCHIVIO” al seguente link.

Grazie a tutti per il vostro sostegno!

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