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Dear Friends of Alice Project

Here once again we are ready with the latest edition of the Alice Project News. In our last edition we informed you all that dues to worldwide catastrophe Corona, following the norms; we had to shut down the school and the hostel sending all of the students back to their families. The teachers and working staff too were paid in advance for 3 months and all were requested to stay home so that they can be safe with their family members and children. 

We decided to bring all teachers to three months’ salary, to allow them to stock up on food, especially and buy medicine immediately and basic necessities for the family. We thought of securing the staff who decided to stay in the Sarnath and Bodhgaya schools, delimiting a red area, where no one was able to enter for at least 45 days.

In this period the school is protected by private guards both day and night. We had made a stock of food supplies and medicines for at least two months. In addition to the salary (in cash), the teachers were also be given masks (unavailable because they are engulfed by the jackals on the black market!) For the family. We have recommended everyone to stay indoors at all costs. It is the only way to survive this tragedy.

We also moved on the front of the transpersonal, that of spirituality, asking our precious president (Tenzin Tzewang) to organize the reading of the Kangur for the protection of schools, of our sponsors, and all those who are close to Alice.

It was not easy to organize the reading of the 118 volumes of the Kangur, because the monasteries are in emergency and have abolished every assembly and collective ceremony. Our President we managed to organize the reading by giving a volume to each monk closed in his room.

In one day, 118 monks completed the reading which will surely bring great benefits to Alice’s large family. In Nepal, a second big ceremony will start as soon as we will manage to make the payments via bank. This time 35 monks will read 350 volumes of the Tengyur. The motivation will be the same: for the protection of our thousand students from the three schools, their families, teachers and sponsors.

Additional help to all the teachers, workers and staff: We knew that that pandemic will go long and the lockdown will go on long. So to make sure for our each and every  employee to be safe and relax beside the medicine, masks, advance salary etc…. we as association did  food distribution to all the teachers, workers and staff.  The secretary of the society Miss. Serveta Negi and Vice President Mr. Mohal Lal, and member Mr. Tsering Dondhup did this work successfully.

After a few days when the mango fruits of our garden were ready we shared all the fruits with everyone so that everyone of the workers can enjoy the taste of the fruit and the joy of sharing.

Tonglen Group : Now the school is closed and only a few people of the staff are taking care of the school, but we still are together, we made an online plateform we call it the Tong Len group on watsapp in this group we have add the numbers of the students, the teachers, the principal of the school, the members of the board and the management, and of course the director of school, to keep every one connected.  Throug this platform we keep everyone suggesting, guiding, advicing how to keep themselves safe, secure and utilize our time in the right way praticing the meditation, making prayers pujas and using this time in self discovery and self realization.

Every day we are posting a positive messages form the director, the principal and the teachers teachings of famous scholars, teachers, masters of different traditions in this group. We fond it very helpful and supporting.

Therefore we started a treat program with a  schedule for full day which includes of course the Yoga Practice, Pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting, awareness practice, but beside this, a complete program for karma yoga which includes, farming cooking, cleaning, repairing, maintenance and taking care of the environment where we are living.

Because we believe that the external inviroment is the reflextion of the inviroment. And if one keeps the external inviroment nice, clean and orgnized it will effect the innter world too.

The Karma Yoga: You’ve heard of karma. And you’ve heard of yoga. But karma yoga? What even is that? While karma yoga can mean a lot of different things to different people, the general idea is taking the philosophy of yoga and putting it in action. This means stepping off of the mat and into the world. It means humbling your ego, serving your community, and being part of something bigger than yourself. Every day at the Alice School, the residential students, the staff and every single member who is residing at School are doing their part in doing something as Karma Yoga.

Plantation and farming at Alice:  As every year , this year once again we did the plantation at our school, new saplings of Mango, Neem and Papaya were planted. The students did this work with great joy and interest.

At Alice studnets are taught to be self dependent as much as possible, in this series we also want the students to learn how to work in the fields , cultivate their own food and vegetables. This also is a part of our educational research.

EPIDEMI WITH VOTES At the brahmacharya.

While millions of people were bored locked in their homes due to the epidemic, few lucky people took advantage of the crisis to give meaning to their lives different from the routine they had followed until then. Buddhist monks, for example, of South India’s monastic universities faced the lockdown by retreating and praying to their rooms. In this way, they avoided the dangerous assembrations that could convey the contagion. There is not a single case of contagion among the tens of thousands of Buddhist nuns of India.

Alice’s students also faced the crisis by practicing what they had learned in school during ethics courses. In addition to studying, many have practiced the meditation suggested by the school: tong len and Vipassana (concentration).

Chakma students (see photo) took advantage of this to respect the tradition of their Theravada religion by taking monk ordination for a few weeks. They have become novices, with the commitments of votes to be respected. The fundamental principles are those of celibate life, simple in renunciation, peaceful, harmonious in obedience and humility. Monks can’t handle money, they only eat before noon, live offers and follow the practice of this for food. Worship is expressed in the taking of refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, in the recitation of sacred texts, in songs of praise, and in reflections on the Doctrine and in offering ceremonies. The main activity is meditation.

This experience, which makes parents happy, because it is believed to bring great benefits and luck to the family, will deeply mark the minds of young monks (fixed-term).

It’s an important rite of passage for a life based on ethics, morality and spirituality.

What the final message will these guys carry forever?

′′ Nothing is as important as it seems,

We were born naked and nothing more.

When we die, we can’t take anything with us.

This is the truth.”

Yoga day celebrated at Alice Project School:  On 22 June we celebrated the International Yoga Day with great Joy and interest.


Also this year we celebrated World Yoga Day at our school, with residents, lockdown survivors. Lead the group, a former Alice student, Master Sanjay, graduated from Bangalore University..

Sanjay has an incredible personal history. It is the symbol of redemption and redemption from a dramatic experience lived in the painful and submerged world that few know: that of the thousands of boys and girls who disappear every year in India (a hundred per day). He also ′′ disappeared ′′ for his family at the age of 7 He spent eight years in the Youth House (a kind of juvenile prisons), among difficulties and suffering that still needs to be elaborated.

Alice ′′ adopted ′′ him as soon as he reached his age and, by law, he had to be freed from the ′′ Prison House “.

He studied with us until 12 th grade and then we proposed to specialize in yoga therapy at a prestigious University of Bangalore.

After graduating, he asked to continue to specialize in a three-year master’s degree from the University of Rajasthan.

He was preparing an experimental thesis in the ′′ prison house ′′ where he had lived for many years: ′′ Short-term benefits of yoga applied to institutionalized minors “.

The blockade forced him to suspend the experimentation, which will resume as soon as the government allows schools to reopen. Meanwhile, he drove a dozen chakmas blocked by lockdown through a three-month training course at the school premises.

Of course, yoga was one of the daily appointments, along with meditation and work.

This, in short, the story behind the photo we publish.

SYNERGY ALICE AND MINDFULNESS…On 4 July 2020 A group of Sarnath students and teachers attended an online conference on mindfulness education which was lead by Nanni Deambrogio promoter and co-founder of the Mindfulness Project, the first initiative in Italy for the integration of the Oriental vision on mind and awareness with Western research. He is director of the Mindfulness Project Centre in Milan. From today the two Associations (Mindfulness and Alice Project) will work together to form a group of animators who will be responsible for the management of a two-years training course for future teachers specialized in an educational proposal that combines cognitivity with education. This new group has been called “Mindfulness on Cognitive Intelligence”.

A group of Alice Project students and teachers attended an online conference on mindfulness education which was lead, for Italian Alice Project, by the director and founder of Alice Project Schools Valentino Giacomin, Camilla Previato, Agata Montevecchi ( President- Progetto Alice Onlus) and Francesca Piovella, Italian coordinator.

About 35 people ( teachers , educators, students and parents ) joined this 3 days international course.

It was the first time for the Alice Project Schools to attend this wonderful workshop, where everyone was involved with keen interest and joy.

On this occasion some of the students of Alice Project Schools shared their experience explaining how this methodology is affecting them personally in their own lives and then in their families with friends and in the society.

While discussing the students shared their views saying Alice Project not only teaches them the normal academic curriculum but also how to go in their deep inner world.

It Alice peoject – they said – helps the students to make a balance between the external and internal world which actually are the manifestation of the same source; the mind.

Alice Students made the miracle once again: BRILLIANT STATE EXAM RESULTS…

This year once again the students of the class X and XII did a wonderful performance  in the state level exams. The results of the state examinations of the Tenth and Twelfth classes in the state of Uttar Pradesh have just come out on 27 June.

About 5.6 million students were enrolled in the grades X and XII in Uttar Pradesh State. This year, at the state level, a total of 83% of students in Class X and 74% of class XII passed the exam.

While at Alice Alice’s school 99% of students in class X and 96% of class XII were promoted.

Once again Alice’s students have shown great preparation and self-confidence, witnessing the effectiveness of the educational vision and didactic method.”

On this occasion the director of the school Mr. Valentino and the president Mr. Tsewang Tenzin congratulated everyone and expressed their feelings as follows:

From my side I’d like to thank the professors, to congratulate the students, and, finally, to thank all our sponsors (Shining Hope, Taiwan group, Valeria Selleri, Flora Group, Ubi, HH Trust, Project Alice Onlus by Agata Montevecchi, Akademie, Andrea Usellini… we will name them all in a separate post), without them the school would have been closed a long time ago.

We dedicate this umpteenth success to the sponsors of Alice.


It’s heartwarming to hear this good news about the performance of our school students. It is the team work and effort of all involved in the students education right from our founder director to the management, the staff, principal, teachers, students , parents and others involved for this result.

I am very happy and proud and I want to thank and congratulate you all for this success.

Please take care and be safe.

Warmest regards,

Tsewang  Tenzin

The good news continues to arrive, in return for the lockdown, grasshoppers, transport paralysis (blocked for the second time in three months)…

Look at the photo we post. There are two chakma boys: Mohali, left, and Samar on the right. Both are recovering from the hospital after an operation. When misfortunes fall on you have to be careful because, often, they come … accompanied. The proverb says, in fact, that “misfortunes never come alone” After Samar’s hospitalization another chakma, Mohali, of the same class, had to be hospitalized for an urgent appendicitis operation. Needless to say, “How come?” Fate is mysterious. Mohali is the artist of the school, along with a chakma girl, Junaki; both come with an extraordinary creative talent for painting


We ask them for help when we have to make a greeting poster for someone, or give a present to some important guest

Mohali and Samar ha a common fate: both were forced to stay away from the school for several weeks just as the teachers were completing the curriculum for the State exam.

The photo captures them as soon as they have been discharged from the hospital. In fact, Samar keeps the folder under his arm with the examinations carried out at the hospital, while the companion holds a bag with all his few things … I mean, nothing!

Well, let’s get to the news.

A group photo of our chakma students

We’ve already dedicated an article to Samar and his father. Now let’s add that not only Samar placed at the top of the ranking of the results of the State exam for the 12th class (corresponding to the third high school in Italy), but he teamed with Mohali, both First Division! Isn’t that surprising?

What can I say? Great news guys! It is an achievement that honors you and deserves it, because you have been able to recover with tenacity, effort, sacrifice the lost time.

And now… fly high in the sky of your future; with the wings you have got at Alice School … following “virtues and knowledge” as Dante would say.

SCHOOL AFTER THE LOCKDOWN… in July after a long gap, once again the school office reopenedBut before doing so, we took all the necessary precautions related to sanitization and social distancing. We called the experts from the local head office of Varanasi who did a sanitization in each and every corner of the school. So that we can avoid the risks.

Now the office is regularly being opened, the students and their parents are coming for the mark sheets, new admissions, certificates and other necessary works are being done.

Mr. Valentino Sir shares his happiness and view as follows:


We start again after months of lockdown, sacrifices and fear. Slowly, trying to get back to routine ‘. We opened the school office to resume a nominal activity: reports, audit documents, new subscriptions, administration, newsletters, sponsors contacts, bureaucracy, preparation diplomas and report cards ;.. There’s a lot of work behind. There are many new problems to face: the sudden poverty of many families of our students who lost their jobs due to the paralysis of every activity due to the epidemic; the safety of the classrooms in view of possible spacing imposed by the government; new registrations; the hostel (which will unfortunately be drastically reduced); salary insurance for teachers in the face of a significant reduction in revenue…

The office opened once again

It will be difficult to think about the spacing in classrooms that, in normal times, hosted an average of 40 students per class. In Italy they would call them ′′ henhouse classes “. We never understood why this pejorative term. Maybe because none of our teachers reported classroom management difficulties and serious discipline problems .I remember visiting private schools that had classes with 80, 90 students, so much so that many students were forced to stand or sit on the ground! In this context, absences were a… blessing!

The recovery is slow and fluctuates between apiftures and closures by the government. After the total lockdown, lasting about three months, the Government opted for a closure…. flexible: everyone at home only on Saturday and Sunday. A difficult compromise to understand. The obligation of masks remains for everyday like the ban on assembly.

Every now and then there is news of some outbreak both Sarnath and Varanasi. The government immediately intervenes ′′ quarantine ′′ not only the infected family, but also the entire neighborhood where the family lives.

Many families survive thanks to NGO charity. Our Temple of Tara stands out in this charitable work, which has distributed thousands of food packages to both Sarnath and Bodhgaya. Among the beneficiaries of the generosity of the Temple nuns there is also our school to which supplies were donated for the residents of the hostel.

ONLINE CLASSES FOR THE STUDENTS: Due to the pandemic still the schools are not opened for the normal schooling this is why the online classes are going on. The teachers are doing  great effort as it is a new experience for some of them and for the students too it is a new experience of distant learning but the results are really good.

ANOTHER GOOD NEWS TO SHARE: A baby boy is born to Mr. Guddu Kumar the coordinator of the Bodhgaya School. He was in a hurry to come into this world and mom had to be helped by the surgeon for birth. Pain but also infinite joy for the new life that we happily welcome to Alice’s big family. Birth is a good omen in these times of crisis and death for the pandemic.Life goes on despite everything.We wish newborn and parents a future of serenity and peace with Alice’s values.

Quote of thanks :  Now last but not the least, On behalf of whole team of the Alice Project we express our deep gratitude and thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and support that we have been receiving from you. Thanks to you we will continue to see improvements in our school.

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Dear Friends

We start this newsletter with the prayers and heartiest wishes for the protection and safety from this epidemic that the whole world is facing. It is a difficult time for entire humanity, where everyone is worried and scared of this virus, which is graudally grabbing everyone in its clutches.

But we believe that prayers, pujas and merits that we all (the students, teachers, staff, the members of the society and management, the nuns of our Tara temple), are doing for the welbeing for all the senitient beings of the whole world, and are suggesting everyone to do the same , is the way to get rid of this critical moment.  Every single member of the whole Alice Project family is praying for the world peace, the well being of all the humans and every single sentient beings, is never missing you frineds and supporters of the project, who are still helping and supporting us to keep the project alive and make our dream of providing a chance for better education for those who are in need.  

In our last newsletter we have updated you all, about the school activities that have happened in the previous year till December. Here once again we are ready with the new edition of the Alice Project News.

All the necessary tasks were completed timely : Till the end of December we had successfully completed all the necessary tasks that the management and society had to complete. Here is a detail of the works that has been completed till now:

  • The teachers of Sarnath, Bodhgaya and Arunachal Pradehs were addeded in the provident funds, so that the teachers and staff can feel secure about their future and pension funds.
  • The appoinment letters were issued to all the teachers and people who are working as staff, so that they all can feel more secure and serene with their posts and can do their duties freely.
  • We insured all the teachers of the three schools in one of the best insurance companies of India. So that they  can face these hardships easily.
  • The students of the hostel were also insured as medical and accidental insurance. Last year we had made a group Health Insurance & Accidental Insurance for the residential students from Reliance General Insurance. But this year we changed the company, comparing the services we opted to choose another company who assures to provide us better and trouble free services unlike the previous company as its track record shows.
  • Fixed depostes for the welfare of the teachers and the students :  In the month of March the mangement successfully renewed the FD of One Crore, and the interest that was received by this FD that was also fixed for one year. The interest accumulated form these FDs will be used for the teachers welfare and the students welfare.
  • All the projects  which includes the Shaman Project, The weaving project, The Ethical Project , The environment Project, The theater project all of them were running smoothly, with the help of the teachers, members of the office and management, and the society itself, under the skillful guidance, suggestion and advices of the director Mr. Valentino sir. Who although physically is not here but mentally he is always here and keeps us guiding.
  • The accountant and CA : The administration is working together with the team under the supervision and suggestion of the Chartered accountant.  A team of  people from the management has been stablished including the secretary, the treasurer and vice president of the society.  To avoid any kind of confusion mistakes, regular meetings are organized in the school campus where everyone is sitting together, talking, discussing, sharing their ideas, advices and suggestions. And minutes of each meeting is properly being written in the minute book and after the decision of the team and the confirmation of the director all the works are being executed.
  • To settle down the accounts, cashbook, and other financial matters, accountant Mr. Rakesh ji and senior CA Mr. Rajeev Ranjan is regularly coming to the school and managing everything timely.

Teaching of HH the Dalai Lama and the Tara Puja :  As every year this year the teachings of HH the 14th Dalai Lama was organized. The group of 18 nuns who are staying at the Tara temple in our school, went to attend this teachings. In their absence our students and teachers kept the 24 hour Tara recitation going on.

One of the participants shares his experience as follows: The Alice Project chakma students and  teachers are reciting the mantra #OM TARE TUTARE TURE SOHA and the 21 Tara praising mantra(Dolma) 24 hours non-stop day and night] prayer for the “world peace “in Alice Project ,Tara temple(Yulo koepa Nunnery).
We the students of hostel are continuously doing puja in night turn by turn.
We all are very happy and excited to do puja for the welfare of all the sentient beings…..
Most of the participants feel the same energy (peace) during the puja because the calm environment makes us easier to concentrate the mind in recitation…. The tickling sound of the clock is very pleasant when it comes ….Tik tak tik tak……
It’s always pleasant doing positive act!
We are very happy and blissful to have this golden opportunity to do this Positive act.
“May all the sentient beings get the inner peace”. These words are the dedication of all of us after the prayer…

When the nuns were back to the temple from the teachings, a special lunch was offereed to all the members of the group (teachers and students) as a means of appreciating them. These students and the teacher were also honored with some presents by the Alice Project administration as honorarium and appreciation.

Visitors and training on addiction  at the Alice :  The new year started with lots of joy and happiness as many frineds of Alice paid a visit to meet the students, teachers and every one here at the Alice. Everyone was very happy to meet the residential students, seeing the schoo and the students, meeting the teachers.

Among them first were Ketty and her husband who were an ex – student of Mr. Valentino about 30 years ago. They had come here to see how the Alice Project Methodology is working in the India, with the Indian students who have a completely different way of life, culture and society. They were surprised to see the positive impact the methodology on the students.

“I learned much more from you than I tried to give you. It was a wonderful experience to be here in this school!” – Fabian, an Italian volunteer, was the coordinator and counselor, organized a course on addiction for the students and teachers.  He was pleased being here  and working with the teachers and the students of the hostel. At the end of the course a farewell was organized for him, which was a touching moment for him. Before leaving he expressed his deep gratitude to the administration , to provide him this opportunity to work with the teachers and the students of the school.

Meeting with the responsible of Bodhgaya and Arunachal Pradesh Schools: The head office of Sarnath requested to the responsible of the Bodhgaya and Arunachal Pradesh Schools, to come here for a couple of days at our Sarnath Branch. So that we can discuss about the progress of the schools there, and the projects that are running in these two branches.

Mr. Suchandra Chakma, the incharge of the Arunachal School and Mr. Guddu Kumar , the incharge of Bodhgaya School came and we had  a long discussion togethere. We found that all the projects are running smoothly at the Bodhgaya School. As they are in our regular contact, in Arunachal School, we requested the incharge to try to keep us more updated about the projects and acitivities. We understand there is the problem of the interenet and other ways of communication as connection cannot be easily done. But atleast twice a month we can do and online meeting.

After this meeting the minutes were shared (online) with all the members of the society including the presidents, secretary and the director for their consern.

Republic Day celebration:  This year the republic day was celebrated with great joy and happiness. The students, teachers, all the staff and everyone particiapated with interest and joy.

The school principal, hoisted the flag and gave his valuable speech to the students, making them aware about the value of discipline in the human life.

Our teachers following meditation teaching course…at Bodhgaya monastery by Migyur Rimphoche  and special blessings :

Just after the celebration of the republic day we came to know that a meditation course is going to be organized Bodhgaya which will be lead by Migyur Rimpoche. The administration thought why don’t we send some of out teachers to participate it. So that they can firstly learn for themselves, and then they can share the same with the other teachers and students of the Alice Schools. 

So a group of 7 teachers for Sarnath and Bodhgaya schools was organized who took part to this training. After the training session finished, all the teachers were extremely fortunate to have a chance of personal meeting with the Rimpoche, who gave his special blessings adn time to us. We introduced him that we are from Alice. And lama happily listened about the the works that we are doing. Lama praised everyone saying that we are doing a great job for the welfare of the students, and the society.

Board Examination for the students of class X and XII : As every year the board examination for the students of class X and XII started in the month of February. Therefore a farewell and good luck party was organized at the school.  

The teachers suggested the students how to keep calm and pass the exams peacefully without getting stressed or worried. On this occasion the school principal shared the message of Mr. Valentino (who although was not here physically ,but has sent his message to the students via email). Here is what he said :

It is the most beautiful day, but also the saddest: the students have reached the end of the educational and academic path at Alice’s school. They will soon take the state exams and then continue to study in the various universities of Varanasi. Many of these boys and girls have been with us for … forever. They grew up in the greenery of our gardens; the color of our posters; the blessing of our … interreligious divinities; the music of our bajans; the silence of our meditations; the dedication and love of teachers who earn less than a bricklayer; the anxieties and the tremendous responsibility of the principal and the founder to ensure serenity, safety, continuity for all, shielding and resisting destabilizing attempts (within and without) fortunately under control. They breathed another air, compared to that (polluted in all senses) of Varansi and surroundings. They learned to consult the books, to study them, to listen, to memorize to pass the exams, but also to look at the book of their mind, listening to its messages, deciphering them, without getting involved. They learned that there is an exam that no one can escape; professors and illiterates, beggars and men of power … all are called to take that exam which gives meaning to one’s existence. It’s the happiness test. Alice’s students received a special training to pass the two tests brilliantly: the state exam, in fact, and that of life lived with an ethical, moral, altruistic motivation … The wish that these “Alice’s children” make “is to pass the state exam with the first division, and never forget the password of happiness, which is part of our logo:” You are that! “. Tat Tvam Asi!

Goodbye, guys!

Visit of Professore Lhakdor,translator of the Dalai Lama, a professor at the Tibetan University of Sarnath :  On the 8th February the professore paid a visit to our school to address the students on Ethics.  In his speech he said : WE HAVE TWO WINGS: WISDOM AND COMPASSION as for a bird it is important to have two wings to fly, same for the human life there are two wings : compassion and wisdom. One needs both of them to fly from the cycle of samsara.I am very happy to see you all, here, you all have a keen interest in listening . You are very special.

You all are students, and are studying, so have you thought that, what is the aim of education? Its aim is to attain the happiness. When one is born if you see all of us we cry, if someone laughs, so you can see that either he is a God or a demon. We all cry, why? we all need love. This is why we cry, at that time, we do not talk about Dharma, simply one ask for the love and care. Dharma comes when he is grown up. We ask for love, which love, the unconditioned love. So we should not forget that love, the compassion that we need. So this need is not only for us it is the need of all the sentient beings. so in whole life we should not forget it. So we should love each other, help each other. If you see we have two hands which are long, and we have 5 fingers, what is the meaning, its means to hug every one, shake your hands with love to each other. The hands are not for punching, your finger…

One should use his potentials, the mind and the heart for the help and benefit of all the sentient beings. How we are using our mind, and its power, it depends on us, how we are using this power, for the serving of humanity or to destroy. This is how if one uses his power of mind in a positive way you can be Buddha, HH the Dalai Lama, the mother Teresa, or if you use it in a wrong way you can give suffering to many sentient beings.
Education does not mean only the knowledge it means Human nourishment. It means personality development. In the life we must have the balance of mind and heart. Both must be balanced, as the two wings of a bird. It can not fly with only one wing or with an unbalanced wings. Similarly to make our life a successful one we need both the mind and the heart. Which means compassion, maitry , helping others, keeping positive thoughts in our minds. With the compassion we need the mind also, mind means wisdom, the knowledge, intelligence, as both of them are important, without one of them we are not balanced and complete. Our actions and be afflicted without anyone of them. We need to evaluate before doing any of the action, if it good to do or not. So we should use both the wings the mind and the heart.
The education which you are acquiring its not just to listen and teach, it must be in action. There is the mantra of three ‘H’. Heart, Head and Hand. Means one should use his wisdom, compassion and then hands to execute it in the actions.
You must know this famous saying of Kabir:

Pothi Padh Padh Kar Jag Mua, Pandit Bhayo Na Koye
Dhai Aakhar Prem Ke, Jo Padhe so Pandit Hoye

Reading books everyone died, none became any wise
One who reads the word of Love, only becomes wise

The words of love, makes ones life a meaningful one. So one should live the life with love.”

Alice my second family… This is the statement of Mr. Kappin Chakma one of the oldrest residential students,who has been staying at the Alice since his childhood , where he lived and studied for 11 years, as a guest of the hostel.. Kappin graduated while offering services to the Sarnath School.

Now it’s time to fly out of the nest. A smart, intelligent boy with a philosophical mind (he had the courage to ask the Dalai Lama directly if the mind really creates our reality), went on a long way.  We wished him to have a good trip, and never forget our school’s motto: “You are that!”

At present he is working as a Manager of Indaonesian Monastery, situated in Bodhgaya, near the Karmapa Temple.  He shared his experience here as follows:

In the starting I was shy ,because of my weak Hindi and also the environment was different, new peoples ,but the teachers were awesome and kind with behaviour , colleagues behaved me friendly whose made me easier to adjust here.I am always grateful to all the teachers.
In the starting I was shy ,because of my weak Hindi and also the environment was different, new peoples ,but the teachers were awesome and kind with behaviour , colleagues behaved me friendly whose made me easier to adjust here. I am always grateful to all the teachers.
I felt teased and got angry very easily in the beginning when my friends used to call me ‘Lamwa’,Botiya’….Hahahha

But with the passes of times I realized learning from Bau (my Spiritual Guru)that whatever they say is nothing other than words and coming from his mouth(created by his/her mind) and I am always grateful for whatever I have got from Alice family.
It’s the easiest way to understand (Alice Project methodology,
Subjective knowledge including emotional intelligence#
Emotional intelligence plays a very important role in our daily lives ,dealing with own and others emotions.
“No one is perfect and nothing is permanent.”
My experience in the Alice was absolutely awesome and wonderful.
Thank you everyone from the  bottom of my heart❤
I’m gonna miss Alice Project.

Special Puja for the Alice Schools and visit of Lama Kelsang La :  Under the Ethical Project which is supported by the HH the Dalai Lama, we requested Ven. Kelsang la to come as an external expert to address the students of the school on the Ethics.  After talking to the studnets and teachers, he gave initiation of different mantras to everyone.

In his speech he said :

Our parents and gurus (the teachers) are very important. We are interconnected. So the students should respect the parents and the teachers and the teachers should love and care for their students.The Alice school has already spent 25 years in India and I think that the director Mr. Giacomin should be honored for his great efforts.
He is neither Indian nor Tibetan but he is from a long path away and the school is doing a social work. So we should honor him and develop a feeling of gratitude.
Our gratitude should be extend to all the sponsors, teachers and every one who is helping and supporting the schools.

Lama performed a special puja for the wellbeing of all the students, the teachers, all the staff, all the sponsors and friends of Alice.

 Losar Celebration : In the end of February, the losar celebrated at the school. Losar is the new year for the Tibetan Buddhist. 

On this occasion special puja was performed and the a food was prepared for the students of the hostel and gifts were offered to all the teachers and students.

A successful visit

On 27 a group of 27 people with a close friend of Mr. Valentino Giacomin, paid a visit at the school. Most of them were from Italy and France.
The students of the hostel together with the help of some volunteers and teachers prepared the lunch for them. The group was welcomed by the principal of School who introduced them to the project and the methodology. Then they had a group visit.

We did the presentation of the videos of with the introduction about the Alice Project and its methodology. The two volunteers Erika and Andrea (who have been working here at volunteers at Sarnath School) who contributed in preparation of the meals, shared their experiences of their stay at Alice Project.  Remi the French friend of Alice who came after 6 year  shared his view.

The students sang the songs of peace for the group and expressed their affection with smiling faces and thanks. The people of the group were extremely happy to see the smiling faces of the students and the wonderful food prepared by our students with the love and affection. They praised their dedication and love and the meals saying that they have been tasting the best food that they have ever eaten in all these days in India.

Alice Project in News :  In the march a famous weekly news paper called Samayik blitz ( wrote about an article about Alice Project and its founder. Below is a translation of the article

Mr. Valentino from Italy sowed the seeds of Samskara and Ethics in Education:
The education is not just reading and teaching system, but it is a way to sow the seeds of Samskara and Ethics in the minds of students. Otherwise an education without Samskara and Ethics can only make a child a instrumental slave like a robot. This concept of education, 40 years ago, an Italian Educator Mr. Valentino understood. So he came to the pure land of Bharat which is the land of Samskara and Ethics. He was attached to Buddha and he came to Sarnath. He liked this holy place of Buddha and decided to execute his educational ideas here at this place.

In this way Mr. Valentino Giacomin established the Universal Education School on a small piece of land in the year 1994. The school was inaugurated by Buddhist master late ven. Gose Lama. Mr. Valentino believes that spiritual education must be included in the education systems, this helps the awareness in the students, as well as it reduces the restlessness and it helps to create and develops a thinker and sincere personality. So in the present education system, the spiritual education must be an important and then only we can go on.
The school which was established by Mr. Valentino, as Universal Education School is now Universal Education Intermediate College. As well as, Sarvbhaumik Shikshasharam Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya is also running in this institution. The increasing number of students, promoted to make the land and building bigger and bigger. Now the school is spread in 5 Bigha lands where this college is situated and a free hostel for the poor and orphan children was established.
At present there are 36 teachers and workers are working at the school. The school has a branch in Bodhgaya and the second branch is running at Aruanchal Pradesh Chang lang. Mr. Valentino who is highly impressed by the traditional Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, travels to different countries and he often speaks in the conferences and seminars and whatever funds and donations are collected by these seminars are utilized in the development of the schools. Famous Buddhist Spiritual Master HH the Dalai Lama has come several times in the Sarnath School and by his blessings the among the students, the moral and ethical teachings are continuously flowing with the normal curriculum. By the skillful, guidance of the principal of Universal Education Inter College Mr. Awanish Kumar Mishra, is dedicated to give the quality education, as well as to keep the students aware about the environment.

Remi : I found the Alice Same as 6 years ago, the peace and harmony is the same as it was 6 years ago : Remi is a special friend of our school. He made several videos and interviews about Alice’s vision and methodology. A professional work made with the heart. You can find them in on web pages: and also one this link

He returned to our school after 6 years to help editing the material related to chakma shaman project. Also, he taught to a group of student how to use the camera and make interviews. A real generous man with good heart and creative, artistic mind. Thanks, Remi, on behalf of our President, the secretary, the principal, teachers, students and all Alice’s family!

Thank you Alice, Thank you all:  On the 3rd March two Voluneteers  Erika and Andrea left back, after spending an intense period at our Sarnath school. During their farewell they said: 

and the way of saying Namaste’.

We stayed one month here and the time passed very fast. We will never forget your smiling faces and the way of saying Namaste. You are lucky to be Alice Project students since you have the opportunity to work in your inner world.In Italy this is not so easy.Here what you are doing is very special. Really all of you are doing something very special: trying to live outside (in the external world) but also trying to explore your inner world.What you are learning here: meditation and so on, is very important, because it will help you to become a better person.Thank you for accepting us in this huge Alice Family.You all were very warm on welcoming us and we had very nice time with all of you. So we would like to thank you very much.
—- Erika

Thank you every one, the resident guys for your help, support your presence. I will keep you all in our memories for a long time. It has been a wonderful time for us. You have been very kind, helpful and supporting with us.
—– Andrea

They have done wonderful work as volunteers, and over all as people, they gave a great example to others.  Mr. Valetino praised them saying : Here I would like to emphasize how their presence has redeemed the figure of the guest who helps the school, after the negative experiences of the recent past. Two humble, discreet, sensitive, prepared, available people, far from the Western stereotype with the superiority complex (colonialist) that still exists. They came with the right attitude: to learn and share what they know. In addition to making themselves available for any job they were asked to perform, they lived with the students as family members. And they also offered financial help, knowing our difficulties. Two ideal guests, to be used as an example for the next “smart vacationers” (we no longer use the term “volunteers” to avoid bureaucratic complications). Thanks to Erika and Andrea for their work and testimony.

Parents- Teachers meeting :  

On 7th of March we organized a parents- teachers meeting  which was very successful one. It was very interesting what they say about the Ethics project that is running from August at our schools. Parents understood the importance of spirituality integrated with the traditional curriculum. A great achievement for Alice’s school!

About 70-75% of the parents came with their children. One by one the parents and teachers talked to each other about their wards.  The parents praised about the school and its way of teaching. Many they were saying good things about the Ethical lessons.

They were praising saying this is something wonderful that we are doing for the students. The parents were very polite and humble. It was very good talking one to one so that they had the chance to better understand their children and our views.

Some parents said that they have problem to pay the fees and asked some help. We replied that everything depends on our sponsors.

Free Health Camp open for all:  To protect the students ,children and everyone of the society  from Albendazole for lymphatic Filariasis, a free health camp open for all; was organized at the Sarnath School by the Alice Project Society together with the Health ministry of India. People from the health department came to the school and gave medicine after doing the necessary check ups. Beside the students of school the local villagers also came with their wards and did the check up and got the necessary medicines.

Annual Exam at the Alice Project School: After the parents meting we organized the annual exams. Which was completed timely. Students took part to it with smiling faces.

Corona awareness programs : 

To make aware the students about the effect of corona and how to keep themselves safe, an online awareness program was organized in the schools of Alice Project, where students watched different educational videos about how to keep themselves and their family members safe from the effect of this virus.

Meeting of board and Important steps taken to make the students and the teachers secure against the effect of Corona : 

A meeting of the board of the society and the responsible for the management of the school, was organized  on 15th of March. Several important agendas were discussed and decisions were taken.From the very day all the decisions were excuted to make the students and the teachers secure.The board and manamgement decided to close the school, send back the studnets of the hostel  to their native places and give a leave to all the teachers and staff.. ….How will they survive on a month’s wages in case the emergency is prolonged (as will happen) for several weeks? For this reason, using the donation reserve funds (Ubi, friends from Taiwan, Flora …), we decided to bring all teachers to three months’ salary, to allow them to stock up on food, especially and buy medicine immediately and basic necessities for the family. We thought of securing the staff who decided to stay in the Sarnath and Bodhgaya schools, delimiting a red area, where no one will be able to enter for at least 45 days.

 The school is protected by private guards both day and night. We have been stocking up on supplies and medicines for at least two months. In addition to the salary (in cash), the teachers were also be given masks (unavailable because they are engulfed by the jackals on the black market!) For the family. We have recommended everyone to stay indoors at all costs. It is the only way to survive this tragedy. We also moved on the front of the transpersonal, that of spirituality, asking our precious president (Tenzin Tzewang) to organize the reading of the Kangur for the protection of schools, of our sponsors, and all those who are close to Alice.

It was not easy to organize the reading of the 118 volumes of the Kangur, because the monasteries are in emergency and have abolished every assembly and collective ceremony. Our President we managed to organize the reading by giving a volume to each monk closed in his room.

In one day, 118 monks completed the reading which will surely bring great benefits to Alice’s large family. In Nepal, a second big ceremony will start as soon as we will manage to make the payments via bank. This time 35 monks will read 350 volumes of the Tengyur. The motivation will be the same: for the protection of our thousand students from the three schools, their families, teachers and sponsors.

Tonglen Group : Now the school is closed and only a few people of the staff are taking care of the school, but we still are together, we made an online platform we call it the Tong Len group on WhatsApp in this group we have add the numbers of the students, the teachers, the principal of the school, the members of the board and the management, and of course the director of school, to keep every one connected.  Through this platform we keep everyone suggesting, guiding, advising how to keep themselves safe, secure and utilize our time in the right way practicing the meditation, making prayers pujas and using this time in self discovery and self realization.

Every day we are posting a posstive messages form the director, the principal and the teachers teachings of famous scholars, teachers, masters of different traditions in this group. We fond it very helpful and supporting.

Quote of thanks :  Now last but not the least, On behalf of whole team of the Alice Project we express our deep gratitude and thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and support that we have been receiving from you. Thanks to you we will continue to see improvements in our school.

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Dear friends,
This year has marked an important step in the history of Alice Project. In April in fact we started the 25th scholastic year, which will end in March 2019.
A year particularly intense, full of important events, as you will see from this Christmas Letter in which ample space is given to students.
In December Valentino, who was in France, came back to India after having known that Alice Project had been chosen by HH Dalai Lama to organize an important event about Education.
Mr Tsewang Tenzin, our president, immediately started to work for the success of the event together with a group of volunteers from Bihar

Before the event, HH Dalai Lama’s sister paid a visit to our school in Bodhgaya. She Jetsun Pema La, and she is called The Mother of Tibet, because of her tireless work in favor of Tibetan children, for which she received an award from UNESCO in 1999. Her husband and some representatives of the Tibetan Parliament were with her.
After visiting the school and having a talk with Valentino, she realized the validity of the method, given the results obtained so far, and expressed appreciation to Alice Project.

In the same period of time, famous American actor Richard Gere came and visited the school at Bodhgaya, while talking to Valentino, he made him realize that also America would need Alice Project.
“On January 24th we students of Sarnath School from the class 5th to the senior high school, together with our teachers and the school principal, travelled to Bodhgaya by coach, to take part in the meeting with HH Dalai Lamai on the next day.
At the meeting there were also students from Bodhgaya School and some from Arunachal Pradesh, accompanied by Suchandra, fifteen children and teenagers who then went to reside in Sarnath after that.

About 12.000 students, coming from different schools of Bihar, took part and were present at the meeting.
Valentino presented Alice Project, its history, the path and methodology, and then offered HH Dalai Lama the first copy of his new book “Universal Ethics”.
And HH Dalai Lama told him these words: “You are doing in the field of Education what we wish.”
All of us were so happy to hear these words of appreciation spoken by such an important person as HH Dalai Lama. Then, addressing to us students, He told us how precious time is and how to use it in a positive way.
He said that the future of India is in our hands; therefore we should be aware of our individual responsibility.
Whether the situation of the Country improves or gets worse depends on us.
He also remarked how important the ancient Indian wisdom is, as well as the understanding of the concept of interdependence and projections. Unfortunately, in these years the Western culture and the schools do not favour the education to understand our self to achieve inner peace.
Finally HH Dalai Lama replied to our questions. For us and our teachers it was an unforgettable experience.
Then, in the afternoon, we visited the ancient temples of Bodhgaya.
The next day, we went to the village of Dandawa to visit the other Alice Project School. Here, for the first time, we celebrated the “Republic Day” together with the students of that School and then they showed us their school around: a great opportunity for everybody.”

-In February all students in the X and XII classes had their final exams and the results were very satisfactory: 100% passed the X class exam and 96% the XII, while the national average was 72%.
-In March, Boom (A former student at A.P. who now lives at the school) went to Arunachal Pradesh with Ilaria. “It was an important opportunity to visit this “windy land”, a green and clean land where people live in bamboo piles, farm their land and can drink the water of the river.

With Suchandra, the responsible of the school, we visited some families living in the nearby villages. They welcomed us very warmly into their houses and offered us their traditional Chakma dishes as well as very special biscuits.
The parents of the students living at Sarnath School told us how difficult it is to survive in those forests, especially at the beginning when there were elephants, tigers and other wild animals. Year after year they went on farming the land, working very hard even if it often happens that the monsoons and land slides destroy the houses and floods damage their crops and harvests. Life is very difficult there.
Of course we stopped at the school to meet the teachers and the students studying there. I was impressed by their uniforms: clean and tidy, and by their smiles expressing great joy. And I thought: -how lucky these children are! They are receiving a special education which will guide them in their future life.
We also visited a small temple dedicated to Shiva. It’s situated on top of a hill, a place particularly sacred, full of a powerful energy, where every year groups of people of different religions make a pilgrimage specially on the day of Shivaratri.

And there was also a meeting with the parents of the students studying in that school, together with the teachers and Mr .Monto Moni Chakma, the Mukhiya (village chief) of Bodhisatta, responsible of the administration of the school.

The parents expressed their appreciation of A.P. and so the Mukiya planned to involve more the families in the Project in order to better support the expenses of the school.”

-In March, the French psychoanalyst Madame Samia came again to our school to complete the training that she started last year. Unfortunately she had to go back to France after only a few days for family reasons. Let’s hope she will be able to come again.

-A good and important piece of news: after working hard and waiting so long, Sarnath school was officially recognized up to the XII class!

In April, Swami Varishtanand, psychologist and pediatrician, came again to Sarnath School. He lives and works at Rama Krishna Mission in Varanasi, where every year I am invited to hold seminars about A. P., which are always followed with great interest by a large group of educators.
Swami spoke to the students about our true identity and said how important it is to discover it, under the guidance of a master. Then he told a very significant story.
Then, addressing to the teachers, he explained how an integrated education with spirituality can improve the students and remarked the responsibility upon them.
– “On 21st June , like every year, we celebrated the International Yoga Day, and on this occasion, we organized a meeting, open to everybody, in order to better understand the philosophy and the benefits deriving from practicing this ancient discipline”.

-On 24th June, a group of 70 students accompanied by the principal and ten teachers, travelling by train went to Dharamsala in the North of India, where, after 2 days, they received a private audience of HH The Dalai Lama.
Valentino, Ilaria and Mr Tsewang Tenzin went there a few days before to organize this event with HH and their stay in Dharamsala.

“It was a quite long trip ( 32 hours by train and 4 by bus ) but interesting at the same time , because we crossed so many different regions of India and for many of us it was the first experience on a train.

HH The Dalai Lama received us in his residence in McLeod Ganj, at Dharamsala.
He told us that our life, without a good education, culture or respect of traditions is not complete.
If we young students do not recall the Ancient Indian Wisdom, our culture and traditions, as well as yoga, meditation…, we will be destined to suffer a lot and we will give importance only to material things. It is not sufficient to study the different scholastic subjects, if we do not integrate this knowledge with the knowledge of the inner world and of our mind, according to our ancient traditions.
At the end of the meeting , after singing all together a song dedicated to HH the Dalai Lama, Valentino offered him the second part of his latest book “Universal Ethics.

The next day we met the C.T.A. President Dr. Lobsang Sangay. We were impressed by his story. He was born in a poor family and was always engaged in studies and work with seriousness and determination, until he obtained the important assignment that he has at present..
After that we visited two schools: the TCV school and the Tong Len school. For us it was interesting to interact with the students of the two schools and share our experiences.
We then went to see a Temple near a waterfall and finally the Himanchal Pradesh Cricket Stadium near a park.
This trip was an unforgettable experience for all of us, which will certainly leave an indelible mark inside each of us.”

– After the summer holidays, in July, the school started again. In Sarnath School 200 new student were enrolled, from kindergarten to higher classes.
– In August, some students from the higher classes could follow the second International Training course for teachers mainly, held by Valentino and was organized at Sarnath School. There were 24 teachers from the three A.P. schools and some other teachers coming from abroad.
The course lasted 3 weeks, it was an intensive work and the participants followed the philosophy the path and methodology of Alice Project with great interest.

At the end of the course, the participants thanked Valentino because, through his teachings, they realized that it is possible to see the life with “different eyes”. They also thanked everyone in the school and the cook Mohammed from Bodhgaya who, through his dishes, contributed to the success of the training course.
– “At the end of August, The Sanskrit University of Varanasi, the ” Sampuranand Sankrit Vishwavidyalaya of Benares” conferred an award to Valentino, for the third time, for his work done over the years in the field of Education.
These are the words of Prof.Rajaram Shukla , Vice Chancellor of the Universiy: ” Alice Project is an integrated education model, based on Universal values and a non dualistic vision of reality”.
Alice pedagogy not only recognizes the ancient wisdom of Indian philosophy but it is following the modern findings of Transpersonal Psychology, confirmed by the recent researches in the field of neuroscience and quantum physics”.

After thanking, Valentino offered the University V.C. his latest book. A group of high school students with some teachers and the principal attended the award ceremony.

– In September, at Bodhgaya School, there was a Graphology course held by Prof Mr Rajesh Jauhari. Ten teachers and some Chakma students followed the course. Through a serious and accurate handwriting analysis, a teacher can not only better understand him/herself but also his/her students.

– In September, after several days of illness, Lama Monlam, who lived in Nepal, passed away. He was a great Lama, the spiritual responsible of A.P from many years, beloved and respected by students and teachers.
Every year he used to spend a few days at Sarnath School. We will all miss his precious presence who has always supported and guided A.P. through his advices and prayers.
We will always remember him with affection and gratitude. Gratitude expressed by the numerous Mantra recited by our students, when he was ill and after he passed away.

– In September, around our Bodhgaya School, in 4 different temples, the people of the nearby villages completed the recitation of 100.000 Mantras together with our students in order to keep alive the spiritual part inside each of us. So that there is more peace among the inhabitants of the villages. As a conclusion there was a Fire Puja with the Pandit who teaches in the school.

– At about the end of the month, Mr. Monto Moni Chakma, the legal representative of the school in Arunachal Pradesh, came to Sarnath and met Valentino, Mr Tswang Tenzin, the principal of the school Mr Awanis Mishra, some teachers and some representatives of the administration.
After talking about Bodhisatta School and possible improvements of it, the Mukhiya promised to offer the school a piece of land for its new projects.
– “In October, Dr. Paola Salvadori and Maria Tolu came to visit our school. They stayed with us for a few days in order to better understand Alice Project and its methodology and they interacted with the teachers and us students, following and participating in some different lessons in different classes.
Dr. P. Salvadori, Headmaster of the school Don Milan at Tavernelle Val di Pesa (Fi ), where Valentino gave a training course, thanked him for the opportunity to stay with students and teachers.

She would like to put in practice in the school where she is the responsible, the path that we are following. She said the students could have more self confidence, to improve their concentration, they become more aware and have more peace inside them. And so the world could be better.
Dr. M. Tolu, pediatrician, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity given to take part in so many activities and moments of meditation. The meditation can improve our health and this is confirmed by the latest scientific researches.”

– At the beginning of October, Boom and Kapin (former students of A.P. living at Sarnath school ), at the request of Valentino, went back to Arunachal Pradesh to meet a little Shaman Chakma called “Boddo”.
“We left from Bodisatta School and, after 4-5 hours on the motorbike, we arrived at the village where this special child lives with his family. We could see him while he was helping his elder brother to sell incense and candles.
Then he sat apart and started to receive people asking to be healed.
This little shaman offers them leaves, flowers or herbs which, after he touches them with his hands, can heal diseases afflicting them. In return people offer him small presents.
In the past also Boddo’s grandfather, now ninety, had the same healing power and before him, his grandfather who lived in Bangladesh, where once the Chakma lived. They had to leave their lands which were flooded after the construction of some dams and also for religious reasons (Buddhist minority in a Muslim context. Indian Government then allowed them to live in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh where they still live)
When the healing power of little Boddo was found, thousands of people came to see him every day asking to be healed. Now he receives only about 100 people twice a week.
We couldn’t film him because they say he could lose his power and his incredible energy by which he can cure so many people.
But we could interview Boddo’s grandfather, some people in the village and someone who has been cured.
Maybe, in the future, we can have the opportunity to go to the village again and have a direct contact with this special child.

Back to the village of Bodisatta, we wanted to meet the guardian of the Temple dedicated to Shiva, on a hill. It was good for us to stay for some time in that place where the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.”

Also this year, many friends have come and visited our school. Some have offered their help and we wish to thank them all.
A special thank is for Ass. Shining Hope, which, with its generous annual contribution, ensures stability to our three schools; and we also thank our friends from Taiwan who have been supporting Alice Project for more than 20 years.
Our Project is becoming more and more autonomous also thanks to the increasing involvement of the teachers, the principal’s work, the staff and Ilaria who is continuing to coordinate all the activities and manage the administrative part of the three schools.
We would also like to thank the president, Mr Tsewang Tenzin for his involvement in organizing the big events in Bodhgaya first and then at Dharamsala.

In Italy.
Ilaria, who accompanied Valentino during his training courses in Italy, describes the different experiences in this way:

“Also this year Valentino came back to Italy for a training courses, to experiment the proposal of Alice Project in new contexts and to start a path structured in Public Italian Schools. In July he went, for the second time, to the “Cascina dei Ricostruttori” in Val di Vara, where he gave a 6 day training course attended by more than 40 people, mainly families with a big number of children.

Collaboration between the two realities has grown positively, together with the strengthening of the common purpose of educational proposals and a renewed interest in strengthening cooperation and exchange.
And immediately after this week, there was a meeting for the young people who already participate in the activities of the Community, to help them to move closer to a path of inner knowledge, following the Alice Project model. On 1st and 2nd November a group of about 10 young people met Valentino and started to reflect about themes which are the basis of Alice Project vision.

In July, in a company in the province of Treviso, one of the business owner, Flavio Bevilacqua, who has been caring for his employees’ welfare for years, organized a course and, for the first time, Valentino did training in a company. The results were very encouraging. Their interest and enthusiasm were so strong to request a second course next year. The context was particularly interesting to study Alice’s issues and see how the simplicity of the path and exercises can have a positive impact not only at the school level but at individual level at any age.

Certainly the most significant experience in Italy was the one at Istituto Comprensivo Don Milani at Tavernelle.

Thanks to a group of very sensitive parents, the coordination of Gloria Germani and the tenacious will of the Principal Dr. Paola Salvadori it can be possible to start to officially bring Alice Project into Italian schools. At the beginning of July more than 50 teachers could follow a course, the first one recognized by Miur, just at Tavernelle. The course, very practical with activities directly done with some children, wanted to introduce the vision, the techniques and teaching methodology of A.P. and give the instruments to start to work in the classes with the students.
At the end of the course most of the teachers (teaching in all the 5 kinds of schools: kindergarten, secondary and 3 primary) joined the Project and in September started to introduce techniques like the morning assembly, the small balls for emotions, short exercises of concentration on the breath and candle, visualization in their classes.

This is not the only Institute to start the Project officially. In fact a group of teachers of a school in the province of Bergamo, after training for about 2 years with Mrs. Maria Luisa Dagna and experimenting in their classes, could make officially approve Alice Project in their school. Their contribution and testimony during the course at Tavernelle was really precious. They shared their experience and showed that A.P. can easily adapt to methodology and content of Italian school.

In November Valentino went back to Tuscany, this time to work directly in the different classes of the Institute “Don Milani”. This time he focused his work on integrated teaching, particularly on the use of the material he designed for Mathematics and English, in order to make learning easier and develop memorization, concentration, attention and visualization.

Finally, many other schools have already requested to start Alice Project and especially Tuscany is about to develop a network. In this context there has been a training course at Massa and at Cozzile. Organized and tenaciously wanted also by Ms Silvia Diolaiuti, the psychologist who followed the testing of integrated mathematical model of A.P., and sponsored by the City and the city school.”

As always, also this year I have received many proposals and requests for training courses in different places, not only for teachers but also for educators, parents, and people interested in beginning or to go deeply in their inner path. I have also been invited in many public schools, primary and secondary , where now the teachers interested in A.P. are proposing it with different modes and at different levels.
Donations coming from these courses, the yoga days, bake sales and small markets, the lottery, donations of some students of some schools contribute to cover a small part of the school expenses of the three schools in India.
As you can see in the box below, the new bank codes are marked (Banca Etica)
In a few months the previous codes will no longer be valid.
It’s always difficult to recall all the friends, old and new, who help us and allow us, through their support, to continue this educational experience we started 25 years ago.
Thank you from the bottom of the heart and…….Happy Christmas to all of you and your families.

Sarnath 21st November 2018

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Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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Yoga instructor course at SVYASA University, Bangalore:SukrodhanChakma, one of our senior Chakmastudents recently got admission in the Yoga instructor course at the famous Yoga University in Bangalore.

SukrodhanChakma :at the SVYASA campus

He has passed out class XII with high marks (76.6%) and achieved the second position in his group. This helped him to pass the entrance exams every easily and finally he has been selected for this course which will last for one month.
This course will give him a new direction to his career as a Yoga instructor. He will be the in charge for leading the Yoga lessons in our primary school as well as for the residential students at the Sarnath School.
Sukrodhan is extremely happy for such a great opportunity that he has got. While expressing his happiness he says: “I would like to express my deep gratitude to the school administration for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I am very thankful to Mr. Valentino, Luigina Aunty and Sister Ilaria for all their love, care and support. I will try my best to learn as much as I can.”
Master in Yoga therapy at JagadguruRamanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University

Sanjay Kumar another senior student who has completed his bachelor degree course in Yoga therapy from SVYASA University, Bangalore, is going to do his master degree from JagadguruRamanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University, Rajashthan.

File photo: Sanjay Kumar receiving his B.Sc certificates at SVYASA University, Bangalore

Sanjay Kumar who is now well-known as Sanjay Yogi has been teaching Yoga to the students at the Alice Project Sarnath, helping the patients with different physical diseases is now ready to go on with his advance studies at one of the renounced university in Rajasthan.

Sanjay Kumar during his Yoga lessons with the students and volunteers at the Alice Project School.

We wish all the best and a bright future for both of them. We hope that soon we will have two more Yoga experts in our school.

Alice Project Team

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I take this opportunity to express my reflection on the recent visit to the beautiful Windy Land of Bodhisatta, Deban, where a baby branch of Universal Education School is being run by the Alice Project. This beautiful place is located in the Miao Sub-Division of Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh, the most north eastern part of India.

On the way to our destination, we were welcomed at Mr. Soegot Chakma’s house for the lunch. He is an ex-Chakma student of Alice who has recently completed class XII. His friend Mr. Milan Chakma was also seen with him to host us for the lunch. His parents were so generous to arrange the lunch for us; after all we all were hungry indeed.

After a long drive we reached this Windy Land in Twilight. “Wao~!” I would say. I, then began to beware of fresh air which happened to pass onto my face that made me feel as the nature was welcoming me into its lap. Then we moved further to the Universal Education School which was our final destination. We were heartily welcomed by Mr. Suchandra Chakma, the manager and other staff.

After a sound sleep, I indeed ended up getting ready late the next morning. Having refreshed myself I was curious to explore the sight scene of the school campus. Here I share some of the clicks of the premises.

Lately we were informed that the annual examination of the school had just been completed and the vacation was ongoing. But, we were fortunate enough to meet the kids in the morning as they had come to school on that day to meet us, we being the guests then. They were all in the clean bluish uniform sharing their innocent smiles with us that made us smile too.

I personally was so moved to meet these kids. Then I realized how much happiness can such kids can make you feel if you try to be one of them. Doing so, you feel deeply that the children are really special, reason being that they become a source of happiness into your life.

Students with the chief of the village and the teachers

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Dear Friends,
Yesterday, the Alice Project organised an event to present the Alice model to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. It was an auspicious and meaningful event in which His Holiness discussed ‘Universal Ethics in Education’. The students from all three Alice schools, including Sarnath and Deban (Arunanchal Pradesh) travelled to Bodhgaya for this extraordinary experience. Over 12,000 students attended the event from various schools of Bihar and multiple local dignitaries were present.

The event began with a beautiful and emotional rendition of the Alice Project song. Composed by Mr. Valentino Giacomin, the song was sung by the children at Sarnath when His Holiness last visited the Alice Project in 2013. The song initiated the event’s discourse about suffering, compassion and non-duality. Valentino expressed his deep gratitude as in the midst of numerous proposals from other schools, His Holiness chose the Alice Project to organise this event.
After 30 years of practical research and pilot projects in both Italy and India, the method has produced exceptional results both academically and regarding emotional intelligence. His Holiness acknowledged the amazing results achieved by Valentino as he was able to implement an educational system that His Holiness dreamed of. Valentino’s first copy of his book, “Universal Ethics”, was presented to and officially unveiled by His Holiness. His Holiness has written many books and given speeches around the world on his vision of Universal Education which he insists must include study of the inner self and an analytical approach to learning. He pointed at Valentino and said, “You are actually implementing what we want!”

His Holiness spoke about the importance of ancient Indian wisdom which emphasizes morality, interdependence and self-reflection. He expressed the belief that Western education and culture, so sought after in India, does not produce inner peace but strives merely towards materialism. He pointed out that Valentino has transcended his Western education by bringing back the ancient wisdom of India into the methodology of the Alice schools. This ancient wisdom based on the concept of Karuna (compassion) and Ahimsa (non-violence) helps us understand our emotions and gives us a key to overcome the suffering caused by distorted projections of the mind. His Holiness emphasized the need for “emotional hygiene”; just as physical hygiene gives health and happiness to the body, emotional hygiene gives health and happiness to the mind.
After the speech there was time for questions and answers. The students asked His Holiness profound and philosophical questions relating to the mind, religion and atman (a Hindu word for the soul). His Holiness spent an additional 25 minutes responding to the student’s questions despite an engagement elsewhere.

The event concluded with Saraswati prayers and the entire auditorium stood up to thank His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Katas (Tibetan scarves) were presented to the founder of the Alice Project, Mr. Valentino Giacomin, the President Mr. Tsewang Tenzin la, the Ambassador of the project, MrsGraziellaZanoletti and the coordinator, Miss IlariaGambino.

Facing his young audience, His Holiness declared that “The future is on your shoulders”. The Alice model encourages students to be happy, compassionate and wise, ready to face the problems of the world today. We, at Alice, are confident that our students will create a better world. We are humbled by the recognition and praise that His Holiness gave to Valentino, the Alice model and our schools.

With kind regards,
Sudhakar Prasad

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Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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