Prizes & Rewards

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who visited the Sarnath school twice and, after noticing that Alice children have a special light in their eyes, said: “If we think differently, this is something like a pilot project. This is a new system which is like a role model for others. Therefore, it is very important!”.Valentino Giacomin and Dalai Lama January 2013

Prof. Andrea Bocconi, writer, psychotherapist specializing in psychosynthesis, professor of writing, defines the methodology of the Project Alice as “The new pedagogy for the Third Millennium.

The Italian President Giorgio Napolitano has appointed Valentino “Knight of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity” for his merits in the field of International cooperation and humanitarian commitment.ordine della stella della solidarietà italiana

Geshe Ngawang Samte, director of the University of Sarnath Tibetan: “I appreciate Valentino, not only because he opened a school, but because it has opened a very special school with a very special purpose.”

Shankaracharya, the highest religious authority of the Hindus, said: “The school of the Alice Project illuminates the lives of students, taking them in the divine world which is in their hearts.”

Ven. Raphy Manjaly, Catholic Bishop of Benares, said: “Today, there is a great need of school like the Alice Project, whose goal is integrated development of children. The students of this school will become good citizens in the future, which gives us hope that a good world will be formed”.

First recognition of Sanskrit University of Benares in 2005 and visit of the delegation of the Italian Embassy in New Delhi.
Full text in Italian.Award from Sanskrit University of Benares

Visit of italiano embassador in India in 2007.
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Speech by Valentino Giacomin the presence of Minister Rosy Bindi, on behalf of the Italian Government in 2007.
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The research was twice awarded by the prestigious Benares Sanskrit University. Here is an excerpt of the speech on the occasion of the delivery of the second recognition by the Vice Chancellor in May, 2008.
We confer an award to honor Valentino Giacomin, a social worker for Sarvhaumik Shikshstam Sanskrit Vidyalaya University, andfounder of Alice Project Universal Education Schools in Sarnath and Bodhgaya, as well as several countries around the world, based on the development and wisdom of non-dualistic educational methodology. V.Giacomin’s experimental educational research, lasting two decades, successfully demonstrates the powerful therapeutic effects of this pedagogy, inspired by the cognitive deconstructive theory known in ancient time as Maya, on the wrong perception of reality. The Alice Project Universal Education Methodology integrates the knowledge of the traditional disciplines along with the wisdom of transpersonla psychology (beyond the self). V. Giacomin’s extensive research made in cooperation with his partner Luigina De Biasi – scientifically and practically proves that the new generations of the ‘global village who are engaged in Alice Education Methodology could certainly find a positive solution not only to their personal problems, but also to the dramatic crisis of the environment (global warming, pollution, drought, famine…) and social unrest through a more rational and realistic way of thinking. We consider the Alice Project Universal Education proposal a revolutionary educational method which in the short term can cure and prevent psychological distress and behavioral disorders of students and – in the long term – can help them to achieve personal and social existential happiness. Through this award we wish to render homage and acknowledge the very successful A.P.U.E. Educational method and research.”