Social Projects

The Alice Project has been engaged, in the last twenty years, in various social activities to help women, girls, underpriviledged social classes

  • Sanitary education in the villages
  • Economical help and assistance to those suffering from TB, depression, or leprosy.
  • Economic support for poor families with undernourished children (mainly girls)
  • Research on local traditions and popular medicine to preserve the precious culture of the past.
  • Insurance for all the senior students who decide to work for Alice Project Schools.
  • Hostel for girls in need. It was inaugurated in April 2007.
  • Health Insurance for girls who are orphaned or are living in critical economic conditions.
  • “Day Care” for a group of 45 needy girls (Sarnath and Bodhgaya Schools). We provide one lunch, free education and a vocational training education after the regular classes.
  • Street Theater and folk singers made with Alice Project students. The group aims to spread awareness about literacy, violence against women, AIDS, abortion, pollution, water preservation.
  • Cooperation in the field of education and child protection with other NGOs in India (cooperation with Child Line, D Foundation, Human Steps)
  • Yoga Courses for Indian and foreigner students.
  • Project biological agriculture in Sarnath and Bodhgaya.
  • Counseling for girls in the Destitute Home in Varanasi and Children in the Remand Home in Ram Nagar.
  • Social work inside the jail of Varanasi (to help the poor who do not have the resources to pay for a lawyer or are cut off from their families).
  • Project for jobless and former saree makers (or former child laborers) to preserve an ancient tradition under severe threat.
  • Organizing seminars, training courses based on a new educational Alice Project paradigm for the uplifting of Schedule Castes.
  • Two students have been trained by a specialist to offer first aid to snake bite victims. The same students cure the victims of scorpion bites in Bihar, where many cases are registered every day.
  • Sport group: For five years the School is the sponsor of a successful team of 15 players of a traditional local sport called kabbadi.